Your Heart

This is still in sermon form… yet to be converted to a study!

Brief: your heart is the key to God life & power in you, if you want change then change your heart, it will block or release everything, above all else Guard your heart, guilt free, confident, overflowing with love.


  • God wants it done; so his desire is not the problem, he even put intercession on people to pray…
  • Jesus has paid for it; so there’s no more cost to pay
  • Holy Spirit is waiting to do it; he does the will of the father and seeks to glorify Jesus
  • Saint are praying 4 it; God burdened them, the praying God help,
  • You want it done, your heart has gone out bursting at the seems God please
  • But nothing happens, why
  • Why when the disciples prayed they couldn’t, when Jesus prayed it did
  • If Jesus prayed in your situation would he get results?
  • But there’s a block, nothing seems to get done, in others peoples lives it happens easily and readily what’s the problem? Some people come and healing, deliverance and prophecy comes with them
  • So God has to find someone else, who is there

Like we seen with wisdom, we tend to block God, there is a secret place in you that either blocks God or releases God

It’s a place we are told to protect above all things, a place to sow to, to build, to weed (purge) to develop, if you protect it…it will protect you.

The world is out to confuse it, pollute it, and destroy it.

E.g.… movie they want you to love the villain, want the adultery (English patient), they want to stir up hatred, anger, lust or kinds of desire to pollute your heart

Answer – clean, pure, believing heart

  • Secret in found in the state of our hearts
  • Prov 4:23 says guard your heart for out of it flow the issue of life, Jesus said out of your belly will flow rivers of living water, (john 7:38)
  • Scripture continually says its your heart, when the heart believes, pure heart…
  • What is your heart?
    • Foundation of all your thinking… your belief centre
    • Free will centre
    • Channel your Spirit flows through, healing, deliverance, everything
  • Our heart is like a dam, or like a river… or like a pipe that carries water and its blocked…


Blocked Heart

Condemned, Rejected, Doubtful, Hopeful

Doesn’t believe God

·        Feels rejected by God

·        Un-forgiveness – no walking in complete love, closing heart

o       Doesn’t know God (1 John),

o       God wont forgive u (Mark 11:25,26), Lords Prayer (Matt 6:12)

o       Forgiveness is the total change from hatred to love,

o       Do you love them?

o       Do you pray wonderful prayers for them? Would you go on holiday with them?

o       Would Jesus go on holiday with you?

·        Doesn’t trust

Walks in law of sin & death

Open Heart

Confident, Expectant, Faith

·        Believes God

·        Feels accepted by God

·        Forgives all, is full of love – open loving heart

·        Trusts – open trusting heart

·        Free in grace

o       Unearned grace

o       Unmerited favour

o       Jesus paid 4 all

o       Unprofitable servant

 Contrite heart

o       Filthy rags, desire to be perfect

o       Conscience clear through grace and repentance

 Walks in law of Spirit of life

 Heart is open, trusting, believing, expecting, loving, clear, clean.

Imagine having a child, that comes to you always repenting, grovelling, didn’t believe what you said, didn’t trust you, always came in total rejection (opposite self righteousness) what would it be like?


How should they come, running, laughing, believing, trusting.


How would you get that one to change?

How – to unblock our hearts

  • Jesus said it simply repent and Believe

Purge your hearts you double minded,

  • You can only have one stream of belief/desire,
  • When you purge your heart of all conflicting beliefs you create straight paths
  • Unblocked channels

Renewing your heart

  • Working the word, eliminating wrong belief
  • Purging your heart of sin (James 4:7)
  • Keeping in contact with God, connecting
  • Keeping heart condemnation free – understanding unearned favour, requirement desiring to be perfect (contrite heart)
  • Seek God with your whole heart and he will say here I am

Best ways to unblock your heart

  • Repent, purge cleanse, change, turn away
  • Forgive, release IOU’s,
  • Believe, sow, pull down, root out, purge, build


Simply when your heart becomes one with your Spirit


  • Simply Repent & Believe
  • Work on your heart

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