Authority Gems

– You must become a covenant person

– Do you have authority as far as God’s concerned? Yes!

– People keep praying “you do it God” God is saying “you do it” (Matt 10:7-8)

– Adam can only pray and ask, but Christ commands.. get out of Adam mentality!

– Jesus didn’t pray for God to do.. he commanded things!

– If a policeman stands in the middle of the road he will get run over, but as soon as he lifts his hand the cars will stop… did he do it by his strength or power? No, it was just delegated authority, God backs you up, if you don’t raise your hand the enemy will continue unhindered.

– The kingdom of darkness has no authority over you.

– The only place the enemy has in your life, is by a lie, tricked you into accepting it.

– He has made you a king of life, kings have authority, the rule and reign, they have a throne,

– When a King speaks, commands, demands or makes a law, the subjects work immediately to bring about the desire results.

– Your authority works through faith, no faith no authority!

– Speak to the mountain and it will obey you

– Speak to the tree and it will obey you

– You will trample on snakes and scorpions and crush them under your feet, that’s not just scaring them enemy, its crushing him!

– Jesus made a show of them openly

– I seen a vision of the Lord breaking of a piece off His gold crown and fashioning a crown for me out of it. Its delegated authority.

– Its not by your power, its by your authority and the kingdoms power

– To be continued…

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