Your Authority

This is still in sermon form… yet to be converted to a study!


  • We live in a world tossed to and fro

  • We don’t really know where we stand

  • We don’t know what God wants

  • We get confused there’s this… “Grey” area

  • We pray be don’t get results coz we not sure if its ok to pray 4 it

  • We step out and pray for something but we are not sure if God wants it done

  • We command someone to be healed but we are not sure what God will do at his end

  • We try…. But the out come is up to God isn’t it? (No)

  • We don’t do, or force or make it happen, we are passive, confused, uncertain

  • Coz we are not sure we have no confidence, because we have no confidence we have no conviction because we have no conviction we don’t see results.

  • Coz we don’t see result the circle turns vicious and around we go again.

I wonder if there is an authority we don’t know about?

  • That we haven’t discovered

  • That we are not using

  • We just stumble upon it now and again

We need to break free

  • We need to show the answers

  • Someone has to lead by example

When Jesus prayed the bible says… Immediately!!

  • Why can we get to a place where it is reliable,

  • We can know that if I lay hands,

  • If I pray… it will happen

  • No doubt, no doctrines, nothing to pollute, destroy faith

I want us to get to a place that

  • We don’t need anything

    • Don’t need other persons faith

    • Don’t need a word or a revelation

    • Don’t need to bring people to a meeting

    • Don’t need to preach faith to them

    • Like God you just get them healed

  • That immediately

    • If you prayed it would happen

    • Just the same as if Jesus prayed

    • Jesus didn’t say I’ll come and pray 4u, he said I’ll come and heal him

      • Why can’t you say that? Aye?

  • The world is searching for real answers

    • If you can see someone healed

    • Then they want there kids off drugs

    • Want them free, not gripped or bound

  • If Jesus prayed for them would they be set free?

    • They are searching for the real God,

      • Not the religious,  God of the all-talk, no action Christians

      • Weak, powerless God of the Christians

      • Not the aloof, distant God of the bible

      • They have real lives with real needs and real tears and our Christianity of words just doesn’t cut it,

      • But Jesus did, and he’s sent you to do it for them, in his place.


God wants you as his representative

  • John 20:21, 17:18 go in Jesus place

Jesus said go in my name

  • I want to look at 5 ways people go in someone else’s name

We need to understand what authority is?

  • Delegated power

The bible says we are ambassadors (2cor 5:20)

1.      Ambassador

  • Dictionary meaning is:

    • Diplomatic minister of the highest rank

    • Sent on special mission

    • With treaty signing powers

    • And authorised representative

    • An authorised messenger

2.      Policeman

  • Police pulls you up u stop why,

  • Not because of this strength, wrestling

  • Not physical power

  • People recognise authority

3.      Priest

  • Rev 1.6 Made us king and priests

  • Priest minister on behalf of God

  • Story

    • God said you’re my priest

    • The anointing tripled

    • Priests are given authority to minister

4.      King

  • Rom 5:17, Kings of life

  • Rev 19:16 King of kings

  • Rule & Reign with him

    • Story – King my word was final

5.      Power of attorney

  • Authority to act on ones behalf

  • Rocky movie

So if we go in his name what are we suppose to do?

  • Matt 10:7-8 Preach heal and deliver

  • John 14:12 will do great works than these

  • Mark 16:15-18 Will lay hands on the sick

  • Matt Keys to the kingdom of Heaven

  • Matt 18:18 What so ever you bind on earth is bound in heaven

How ?

How do I walk like this?

  • Jesus showed understanding authority and faith is one and the same

  • Understand the chain of command

    • Matt 8… A centurion

So what is the chain of authority?

  • Matt 28:18 All authority was given to Jesus

    • Eph 1:20 set him at his own right hand in heaven places

    • Col 1:15,16 All things were created by him

    • Rev 1:8,11,18 Alpha & Omega

Where are we in this chain of authority?

God wants you as his representative

  • John 20:21, 17:18 go in Jesus place

  • Eph 2:6 has raised us up together (Christ is the head and we are the body)

    • Eph 1:21 Far above all principality, and power, might and dominion

    • Luke 10:19 All the power of the enemy

    • Eph 1:22,23 All things under his feet, feet are not connected to the head but the body

    • Gates of hell will not prevail. Gates don’t attack the try to keep people out

    • Rom 5:17 Kings of life

Authority is like a chain,

    • Every link plays its part

    • Like the TV show the weak link

    • Story, because I said so

Higher you’re seated

o       Sergeant vs. constable

o       We are all seated the same

o       Story. Seated in Christ on throne of power… speak to the mountain (fire)


Like a policeman who doesn’t know his authority

  • Study the who God is and the authority he has placed on you

  • Contemplate who power you go in


Step out

  • Don’t see, or feel but believe

Not your power but your authority

  • Believe God

  • Trust Him

Stand, fight

  • Wigglesworth said if God doesn’t move I move God

  • The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force

  • Eph… We wrestle against

Does TB Joshua have any more authority than u?

Does Reinhardt Bonkee

Know they just realise a little more than u

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