Walk in the Spirit

This is still in sermon form… yet to be converted to a study!


  • Many are called but few are chosen……….
  • God’s eyes look to and fro across the world seeking for those who he can show himself strong through


  • It seems like God doesn’t want to use me too much
  • Not much happens around my life
  • I’m just normal like everyone else
  • I can’t seem to hear him too well
  • I kind of think I hear God but its really fuzzy
  • It’s always foggy in my spiritual world
  • I don’t really have any confidence to minister
  • I’m always struggling


Walking in the Spirit – Different state of being

Paul says it this way,

  • Gal 5:16 “Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfil the lust of the flesh”
  • Romans 8:5 The Natural man thinks about natural things the spiritual, spiritual
  • 1Cor 2:14 Natural man does not receive the things of the spirit……….he cannot know them 4 they are spiritually discerned

For us to be able to minister effectively we need to live in a different dimension,

  • Have a difference state of being,
  • A different spirit in our mind

We can’t walk with God as mere men,

  • Its called walking in the flesh,
  • Being carnally minded,
  • Walking in the old
  • Living in the vomit
  • I call it walking in the mud

We are more than mere men; we are a new creation

  • Something happened,
  • We did get born-again (spiritually)
  • We can’t walk in the old and expect results of the new
  • We can’t walk with God… with the spirit of this world filling our mind

Identify with difference

  • Ever come to church all-yucky and leave feeling like your soaring?
  • Ever not feel like praying or getting into God, but when you do wish you had done it ages ago
  • Ever feel like there’s 2 of you, like your heart says one thing but your mind says another

Well it’s called the flesh and the enemy wants to keep you there,

  • Wants you to live there,
  • Hide there,
  • Dwell there

It’s easy to know if you’re living in the flesh… just come before the Lord

  • The flesh is always guilt when its standing before God
  • The flesh always sees itself
  • If your always repenting
  • Or trying to find right standing

What’s it like when you’re in the Spirit?

  • Feel 1 with God
  • Not ashamed
  • Co equal with God
  • Know you have authority
  • Are righteous
  • Have peace
  • Have joy
  • Don’t care about things of the world

God doesn’t want you to live there,

  • Living in Romans 7… doing what I don’t want to do
  • He wants you to move on to Romans 8… not fulfilling the lust of the flesh
  • He wants us to shine like Jesus,
  • We are the light of the world
  • Walk in the light as he is in the light
  • To rule and reign with him
  • Not to come with words but the demonstration of his power
  • To heal the sick, raise the dead show signs and wonders to confound the wise, draw the lost
  • Be the manifestation of the sons of God upon the earth
  • To be perfect, without spot or wrinkle


So how do we ever get there?

The quickest way to get out of the flesh is

  • Repent
  • Accept Gods forgiveness,
  • Get filled with the Spirit of God

Here are some powerful keys for breaking through into the Spirit and increasing your faith……

Do it!

  • God said, “ draw near to me and I will draw near to you”
  • Ever learning never coming to a knowledge of the truth


  • It’s not he who runs but God who wills
  • Disciples said Lord increase our faith
    • Unprofitable servants, Own all things
    • Doing duty, servant, obedient
    • Already there… you’re ok, don’t try and earn brownie points …you’re already at the top of the ladder… ladder climbing taints everything with works (religion)……… wood, hay or stubble, gold…precious stones


  • Faith works through love
  • Come knocking for bread, love wont go away… as the need it still there

Story…I know someone who said do you believe that if I fasted and prayed for 20 days …


How – to get breakthrough


Holy Spirit

Scripture: Romans 8… says that those that walk in the spirit get led by the spirit

  • Holy Spirit led vs. Word led

Really all centres on the Holy Spirit, be full of the Holy Spirit… Its,

  • His love,
  • His desire,
  • His plan,
  • His paid up price,
  • His person,
  • Follow his lead it’s really his ministry in your life…

Partnership, it appear he serves you but you have to serve each other, joint workers

Story: Called upon him on the pool table

  • Got filled, pretended he was in Africa, looked at me and came, took 5 minutes, the 2minutes etc
  • Got spoken too, you’re my priest
  • Got empowered,
    • Prayed, felt rivers
    • Started to bring people, 4 no reason
    • Here’s the anointing
    • Ministry only happened when I was at the cell



What is the most powerful of the gifts…. Personally speaking

  • No matter where you’re at, whether your fallen into the deepest pit or climbing the mountaintop you can use this gift and it will work for you immediately…

5 kinds of tongues

  • Angels
  • Men
  • Ministry
  • Mysteries to God
  • Groaning

How does it work?

  • Holy Spirit lives in your new spirit; you are one spirit with God,
  • He bypasses the limited knowledge of your soul; mind…. The mud
  • He searches your life; He knows the perfect will of God… (He is God)
  • Have not because you ask not, he knows what to ask, its perfect and will always be answered yes and amen

Story: Man in the aeroplane crash, burst into tongues, pastor beside him perished

Story: I prayed in tongues for 8hours one day

  • It built me up totally, all levers on full
  • Tongue changed, went outwards
  • Cisterns that cant hold water, 2minutes it would change again
  • King of life, my word was final
  • Power ministry, Angels….

Scripture: Build yourself up in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit

How to pray in tongues!

  • Not wimpy tongues, but strong, stirring your heart, effective fervent….
  • Full of faith, trust the Holy Spirit, believe and receive
  • Speak to God, focus on him, connect with him, clarity of communication

Robert Lairdon

  • Felt incredibly oppressed,
  • Said God deliver me
  • God said no, it your call, you fight, rise up.
  • He cried out God get someone to pray for me, God said you pray for your self you lazy thing
  • The rising up was part of the production of strength he needed,
    • Chicken in it shell, help it and it will die
  • So he started to fight with tongues, God says to him pray stronger, stir up strength and determination.


Flesh is at war against us

  • Wayward soul,
  • Some times the mud is too think, too strong, to caked on, needs us to fast
    • Scripture: Luke 5:33…new wine in old wine skins
  • David said I humble my soul with fasting
    • Kim Clement does two 40-day fasts every year
    • Reinhardt Bonkee does a 40-day fast at the start of every year
    • Jesus demonstrated, he was led and returned with power

Must understand fasting

  • Does not twist Gods arm, it does attract God, all drawing does
  • It is not a pray,
  • Does not earn anything before God
  • It helps you get out,
  • See clearly… See through; hear through; discern through
  • Wash away the mud, Adam so your new life can reign
  • It breaks the strength of your soul,
  • It closes up the holes, cisterns that cant hold water
  • Makes you weak in the flesh, strong in the spirit


  • Fast 1 day ate 1 day, Fast 2 days ate 2 days
    • Got to hate your flesh or your flesh will be doing the fast, and get proud of the fast you have done


Gal 5:25 “ If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit”

You can go as far as you want in God

  • Will you limit him?
  • Do you believe him?
  • I challenge you to start sowing to the spirit, walk in the spirit
  • Will you prepare so when he looks he finds you, (what’s he looking for a nice person, some one with faith? Someone obedient?)
  • Remember many are called but few are chosen

To him who overcomes I will…………….


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