Law of the Spirit Gems

The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ (Rom 8:2)

– The Law of the Spirit of life is the legal results of Christ’s finished work.

– What Jesus paid for you to have at Calvary

– What God has promised you in Christ

– Jesus took our sin, sickness, poverty and pain.

– God’s law is God’s will, know the Law and you know his will.

– If you don’t have a legal foundation, then you have a relationship foundation, relationships ebb and flow but a law is constant.

– The law tells you once and for all the rules.

– You were crucified with him, died with him, rose with him and are now like him

– Its yours, its your covenant, your gift, your portion, your birth right

– God must backup his own law

– The old testament king (likened to God) gave a law and couldn’t even break it himself

– To be continued…

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