Law of the Spirit

This is yet to be converted to a study!

 The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:2)

There is one thing about a law, it lets you know where you stand, its a defining point, you know your rights, you know the standard, you know where you are with it.

The Law also works for all parties, they all know the rules and the rights, so it is with the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ.

God knows, the enemy knows and we are to know too.

God works by the Law, the enemy is always trying to break it and we are to learn what this law is so we know where we stand.

Without a law we ask is it right or is it wrong? Does the government want this or that? The Law also gets rid of all the grey and gives us a solid foundation to stand on…

No one is to be above the Law

to be continued….

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