The Price

This is still in sermon form… yet to be converted to a study!

Problem – We try to convince God

When we come to God in prayer but can have 2 main problems

  1. We try to convince God,
  2. Try and explain why he should
  3. Try to twist Gods arm
  4. We fast and pray and try to buy Gods favour
  5. We say by our attitudes I’ve been good, you shouldn’t reject me
  6. We go away in hope, hoping he heard, or said yes

Answer – Understand Gods position

God has been satisfied!

  • When Jesus came to earth he came to pay a price
    • For this reason I was born die for the sins of the world
  • God never intended us to earn,
  • either by the works of the Law
  • or by how nice we are
  • Jesus is propitiation… more than enough


I want to show you how the enemy try to make us chase our tails for our whole life,

  • we get confused and end up trying to blame God,
  • Remember Faith is all about confidence,
  • let have a look at this scenario and see how confidence is completely removed.
  • I want to say here that faith is in the receiving not so much in the asking.

Imagine a friend goes to a shop and buys an item of clothing, we go into pick it up

  • Because were not sure whether its been paid for we are kind of tentative
  • Or just what has our friend brought?
  • Has our friend paid the full price

Lets have a look at the price – write them on paper and hang them on the cross

  • What did Jesus pay for?
    • Adam sin
    • Not just sins, but sin
    • Cancel the law of sin & death
    • Sickness
    • Sorrow & Grief
    • Judgement
    • Your failing

What about

  • The kingdom of God to surround me (angels help)
  • Me to rule & reign with Christ
  • Be Cleansed
  • Reap where I have not sown
  • Get reward where I don’t deserve
  • Glorify Jesus through me
  • Be a conqueror
  • Have power & ability
  • Fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily
  • Paid 4 blessing to over take me
  • Abundant life
  • Be reconciled to God
  • Mercy & grace to be multiplied to me
  • My paths be made straight
  • To be sanctified
  • To be justified
  • To be restored
  • To be free & have liberty
  • To be comforted
  • To be free from the old creation
  • An open heaven
  • Blessing to continually flow out of me
  • The list could go on and on

How do I do it?


  • Tarrying for the Holy Spirit for six months with prayer and fasting…
  • Wigglesworth says “what are you doing? Gods already given you the Holy Spirit, just receive him!”
  • Its like don’t ask God to heal you, look at the cross and say thank you!
  • Faith is in receiving, not asking!

Rev 12.1 They that over came

  • Past tense
  • Blood of the lamb
  • Word of the testimony… of the blood of the lamb

Gift voucher or a friends credit-card

  • Then try to convince the shop owner to let you take it away
  • Pleading with the shop owner
  • Trying to re-purchase it


  • Expand the price/payment of the body
  • Expand the price/payment of the blood
  • Proclaim the payment!


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