True Security

True Security

 You must have full assurance

The relationship is like marriage….

  • If I sin against my wife,

  • I’m to return and apologise, restore love and trust

  • But I’m still married

  • You may break relationship but you still are in covenant

  • Jesus said they only divorce out of hard hearts

  • God doesn’t have a hard heart

We must separate discipleship/relationship from salvation,

  • Or we will be very insecure

  • Up/down, back/forward, saved/unsaved, righteous/unrighteous

  • You may need to weep, morn, repent, pray in tongues for 2hrs but its not for salvation its for discipleship/relationship

  • Its not the degree of your sanctification that saves you

  • Or the work of the Spirit, the state of your heart, your own personal holiness

Religion says; I’m ok with God when my heart condemns me not

  • I’m right with God when my heart is right with God

  • I’m right when I know I’m trying

  • I’m right when I feel like I haven’t sinned

  • I’m right when I know I desire to walk with Him

  • I’m right when I’ve repented from the heart

  • Surely this is faith in your self, and your own condition

  • My Heart effects my discipleship but not my salvation, my progress but not my security, my relationship but not my eternal life… or it has just gone from his righteousness to mine

  • Why do you keep putting your confidence in the filthy rags of your best goodness?

  • Sure your conscience will condemn you, your goodness is not good enough


Your security is ensured in Christ

While you were yet sinners Christ died, doesn’t say while you had a repentant heart, or while you were trying to be holy or while you were trying to obey, it says while you were sinners.

  • You are hidden in him, you can’t be judged any more than he can be

  • Christ qualified you, not your heart, not your friendship with God

  • You’re like in Noah’s boat, Moses bloodstain house, Rahab’s house

It’s by Christ alone

Though I am full of sin, I am secure in his work, he might ask me to repent but I am secure?

I don’t come by how I stack up

Or how good my relationship with God is

Ignore my condemned heart, my guilt and tendency to shrink back

Its not the quality of my repentance

Though I be the worst blackest sinner I have the same right as the holiest person

I must come empty handed, I can not bring and good works

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