True Freedom

Set free to Love

Let’s look at this logically….. is God a dictator like Saddam Hussein forcing people to love?

If you were God trying to save his people how would you go about it? Remembering Gods dream for you to…

  1. know him,

  2. love him 

  3. trust him,

  4. be like him

 How would you get to people to know you, love you, and trust you?

Would you hold a gun to the person’s head just waiting to kill them when they show signs of not loving you? Would they be free to love you or would they be more concerned with the gun?

Would you expect a girl to love a guy if he said if you don’t love me I will kill you!!?

Would that be the wisest way to produce love?

Or would it be to give them freedom, and then show them how wonderful you are, how you rescued them, that you’re their hero, would you show how kind and gracious, how loving and longsuffering, that you are perfect in love, perfect in goodness, perfect in grace, perfect in justice, perfect in beauty… in fact just completely perfect, and completely perfect for you… perfect enough for you to throw off your guard and love him, trust him, serve him and want to be just like him…

Which one would produce free will love or fear?

Trust or insecurity?

Free will worship or forced worship?

Hell or a gun… how much freedom is that? Would you walk away from God if he was holding the threat of Hell over your head? No! It’s forced, it’s controlled, its only going to produce fear… religion is based on fear!

They say if you set an animal free and it comes back to you it’s yours, if it doesn’t return it never was… I am convinced that God needed to set us free to see if we would come back to him.

Truly free from religion, and performance, from pending doom to see if we love him

So in Christ you have been set free, you are dead to the law, you are hidden in him and he cant be judged again… you’re free to walk away, for anything else is bondage, If we are always trying to get in his good books we are always caught in religion, works, earning, deserving… we will never come to the place of resting, enjoying, believing, trusting, these are the things which produce what God wants,

·        free will love

·        following him freely,

·        Void of earning… sales, manipulation

You must enter this relationship with God from the place of freedom or you will never have a free will relationship, it will always have the fear and bondage of striving to get there.

God’s justice now been satisfied in Christ, so he’s free to come to you without curse or judgement, the blood stands in the gap, its on the mercy seat, God uses it to come to you and you too him, justice is perfectly happy you’re free to have relationship now, for him to teach you right and wrong, good and bad, freedom and bondage, through rivers and valleys.

There’s freedom to trust him… Believe on him alone, come empty handed a sinner and be saved by his work and not yours. It’s a free gift. But what if I don’t walk right?

Well you have that freedom, he sets you free to have real freedom to love and serve or walk away, and it’s called a gift with no strings attached.

That’s his gamble not yours!

He believes you will respond with love, not religion as some have been, love, thankfulness, excitement, security, joy, belonging, wonder, amazement and peace.

Once you get back to this correct place

Then correct spirit, perspectives, attitudes, motives will flow

  • It’s out of love we obey

  • It’s out of love we serve

  • Its out of Love we do everything

  • God is Love; the whole kingdom of heaven operates in love

  • This is the 1st commandment

Everything not done out of love is religion….

Two major motives

  • Love

  • Self- Motives

    • Desire for Gain

    • Fear of Loss

Everything not done out of love is religion…. Deceitfully destructive, heart destroying, love destroying religion… trying to earn it’s the opposite of a gift!


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