True Faith

What is your Faith?

 Your faith is that Jesus paid for your sin, not “sins” sin! That means he paid for the result of sin, which is judgement and punishment, (or judgement and curse) which means sickness and death, condemnation and rejection from God. Your faith is that your life and all its sin was crucified with Christ, everything was dealt the death blow, once and for all time, finished finalised, you died and were punished in Christ, God buried you and the sin and the curse and the judgement and everything connected with that sin in the grave.. It is buried, finalised, finished, gone, removed, now you have risen with Christ free, reconciled to God, as righteous as God, secure in Christ coz your in him and new creation, one Spirit with him, he can not be judged again. This is your faith!!

What is a shipwrecked faith?

 A shipwrecked faith is one that has taken its faith out of Christ and put it on self, or something else, normally own righteousness… it is one who is looking to further work outside of Christ… God doesn’t forgive you coz you ask; he forgives you coz of Christ… It says repent and believe not just repent, its says you’re saved by faith through grace, not by repentance through grace… you’re healed by faith, delivered by faith, blessed by faith, use the gifts by faith and saved by faith. Restore your faith, take it off yourself and back on to Christ… don’t ask God to heal you… look at the cross and say thank you!

Christ is Gods only answer

 He will always point you to Christ

 This is his plan

His answer

His desire

Christ is now the centre of the universe for you.

The Bible says he is to have first place and ALL things; NO ONE will come to God but through him

Faith in his blood!!

The Blood is what puts your helmet of salvation and breast plate of righteousness on, not your righteousness, morals or goodness…

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