The Power

Anchor your faith

Jesus has left us with a great weapon so we don’t become like Sarah Jane

  1. It’s a powerful weapon and Jesus exhorted us to remember it

  2. If you sow this in your heart

  • It will destroy a religious spirit if used correctly

  • It will return you to your first love

  • It will restore you to correct thinking

  • It will restore your peace

  • It will give you security, total security

  • It will break Judgement and performance off you

  • It will restore your thankful heart

  • It will create correct motives and attitudes, from correct perspective

  • It will anchor your faith correctly and give you faith

  • It will reconnects you to what is important

As a worldwide church we generally give this weapon little importance, we generally think its quite religious, not understanding that’s its job is to actually destroy religion.

Who know what this weapon is?

Its communion

 Did you ever wonder why God ever asked us to do that? Take communion

What are we actually doing? I believe it’s not so much the act or communion it’s the renewing the mind and correct thinking that comes from it….


This is the place you will find

  • correct perspective

  • correct attitudes

  • correct motives

  • correct truth,

  • correct faith,

  • correct love,

  • correct thankfulness,

  • correct thinking,

  • correct security

  • correct self worth

  • correct peace

  • correct foundations

  • correct view of God

  • correct empowerment

  • correct response to God,

  • correct service

  • Its more important than you can imagine,

  • Stay here in your heart and you will win, leave it and you will loose


It’s establishes all your foundations

  • The purchase of your peace with God

  • The place of your victory

  • The anchor of your soul

  • The well of joy and thankfulness

  • Its you hope

  • Your faith

  • The full measure of Gods love

Its job is to correctly set your heart and thoughts on the

  • to the finished work

  •  the full payment

  • that Jesus was more than enough

  • the true cost

Jesus said as often as you eat or drink do this in remembrance of me,

  • Did he say that coz we would forget? yes

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he meant do this daily

  • if you have too take it 10xs a day until you get your thinking correct, and renew your mind so religion can’t attack your heart

  • I challenge you to put this into your day, everyday of your life,

  • Try and keep it fresh and real

If you’re struggling like Sarah Jane, go to war with this weapon,

 Corinthians says; as often as you do this you proclaim Jesus death until he comes

 Another way of saying this is “you proclaim his payment until he comes”

 That right there is Christianity… Proclaiming the payment

That is the good news; that is true Christianity


  • The cost

  • The price

  • The pain

  • The completion

  • The Victory

  • The Truth that it’s not how good we are it’s how good he is

Story… Charles Spurgeon had a preacher friend that preached that men should be righteous, he preached against lust, he preached against lies; he preached against drunkenness… he preached practicing the Christian lifestyle… his church got terrible, people went from bad to worse… sin went up 200%… he asked Charles what he should do? Charles said Preach Christ not practice… within a short while his whole congregation where living healthy, holy God worshipping lives.

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