The Conclusion


  1. We looked a great love that came from faith
  2. We looked at the destruction of that love by doubting
  3. We strive when we don’t believe
  4. We seen the healing of that love was by learning to believe


These are the questions we asked


  1. Who do you trust in?
  2.  How Secure are you really?
  3.  Where is your confidence?
  4.  Is Jesus really good news to you?


Conclusion, take away action

 Care for your people,

  • heal your people,
  • guard your people,
  • they might be in works instead of faith
  • Build them on Christ,
  • preach Christ not practice,


Coz the enemy is trying to steal our bricks, and our building will start to crack and crumble from the foundations up.

You got to put bricks back

You got to guard your heart, your foundations

You’ve got to strive to enter Gods rest


Who will make a commitment take communion and build your foundation strong?

  • Who will try and do it for the next 30days every day?
  • Some of you should do it 10x’s a day if you need too?
  • Proclaim the payment!!!


Remember if you’re condemned you’re under the wrong law

If you don’t know you’re saved, righteous or ok with God you have work to do! 

  • It takes work to build your faith in Jesus…
  • It’s the work God wants you to strive to do…
  • It’s the works of God!


Here is the core of

  • Grace vs. works,
  • Christ’s work vs. your works
  • Freedom vs. bondage, 
  • True love vs. forced love
  • Thankfulness vs. uncertainty
  • True security vs. worry and guilt


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