Religious Prisons


 One of the most important subjects

  • This area we are touching on today is the one of the most important area in all Christianity,

  • this one subject ties together all subjects,

  • it is of the highest importance

This area effect everything you are and do

  • This subject is one of the major foundations of your thinking

  • It affects all your works and the results of all your effort

  • Affects Life, freedom, Joy, Peace, Security, Self Worth, Abundant Life, Love, Including first Love, Works, Rewards, Life results, your whole life…

  • It is the basis of your heart and motives

  • If you don’t get this area right you can’t respond to God correctly, or walk with him correctly, you also won’t know true freedom, peace or security

Millions are in Prisons

  • There are millions of Christians in spiritual prisons because they don’t have this area correct in their thinking

  • They are not only in prison they are in a unspoken spiritual agony

  • I believe this area causes more struggling, sin and pain than all other areas

You will imprison:

  • This subject will come out in everything you say and do in Christianity,

  • You will pass it on and create duplicates of yourself…

  • If you don’t have this correct in your heart you will imprison every person who you talk to who receives your words

  • People in Christianity destroy each other by these not having this foundation correct in their heart

You are a Minister of God,

  • your job is represent him correctly

  • We need to have this area solid in our hearts,

  • we need to know the enemies ways because from this area he attacks millions

  • You can guarantee he is attacking your people here!

  • And many of them will be suffering from it!!

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