It’s Strategy

How does this religious attitude/spirit enter?

At the point we cross our conscience

  • Paul said some have shipwrecked there faith with an unclean conscience

Choice at the point of crossing your conscience

  • At this point you can choose to look at yourself or look at Christ
  • At this point your conscience gets challenged
  • At this point you can choose to change laws and put your self back under law of sin and death or stay under the law of the Spirit of life in Christ

I believe that those who have shipwrecked there faith with an unclean conscience their faith is in there own righteousness, it is in themselves, their standards and being able to keep them… The bible says if my heart condemns me God is greater than my heart,

What is your faith? I am righteous because of Jesus, I am saved by Jesus

Shipwreck it means, it doesn’t float, broken, won’t save you…

This is how it works

  • I feel guilty when my conscience/heart condemns me
  • I know I’ve done wrong
  • Like Adam I want to hide
  • I feel like I’m ok with God when my conscience/heart says I have repented enough
  • Therefore my faith is that I feel ok when my conscience/heart says I’m ok with God… is this not self righteousness?

This is where I can choose to have my security based in my own state; but that is not a solid rock on which I stand, not like, ’Whoever believes on him is not condemned’

A person with a bewitched/shipwrecked faith, is a person who only has their self righteousness, they feel ok with God when the are ok with themselves, as soon as they aren’t ok with themselves they fall from ‘grace’, (not really grace but a self righteous spirit)… as with the self-unrighteous person they are never ok with God coz they are always in their own self-unrighteousness, they are two sides of the same coin.

If I place my trust in my condition or the condition of my conscience then I am doomed that changes from day to day? And it can be wrong, if I eat a meat that I’m not sure that I should, (like Pork) I condemn myself, for whatever is not done in good faith is sin to us, coz for we are crossing our conscience.

So sin is subjective, coz one can feel ok in eating but the other cant, so sin is different for each one of us… am I to say I am saved according to my keeping my conscience right, the standard of me doing or not doing according of what I believe is right or wrong?

Surely this also is works and my own righteousness, this is not a solid unmoveable rock, it is a weak, shipwreck able, easily tossed faith based on my performance of being able to keep or to live up to my conscience…

Simply put then it’s when we don’t trust

A religious spirit and a spirit to rejection are twins; normally people who walk in rejection are a candidate for a religious Spirit

There is a repentance that comes from love and security and one that comes from religion and insecurity

Discussion: If I sin, will I go to hell if I die without repenting?

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