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What condition is a person trapped by religion in?

 Their either Self righteous or self unrighteous

 Let me tell you about the person who is not wearing the helmet of salvation or the breastplate of righteousness

  1. Self focused

  • That person is always striving to stay saved

  • There focus is always on there condition, performance, standard of righteousness

  • They are tossed to and fro by their good or bad works

  • Their hope is in there own righteousness

  • They are there own good news

  • Their own striving to be qualified

  2.    Insecure

  •  That person lives in fear of judgement

  • Fear of rejection,

  • Insecurity on a shaky foundation, weak salvation.

  3.   They are guilty

  • Ashamed

  • Condemned

  • Tormented

  4.   Their striving

  • They don’t live in good news, real freedom and thankfulness coz you’re too busy earning

  • Though they say the Love Jesus he is not good news to them, coz he’s not enough for them, there life is full of striving and earning

  5.   Their Love for God is fading

  • They have nothing to be thankful for

  • Does he even love them?

  • They are too busy hiding from him,

Unless you realise your right with God through the work of Jesus you are being religious

  • If you are trying to earn your earning is just religion

  • If you’re trying to climb the ladder to God then you are being religious

  • Anything you earn is religion, anything Jesus earned is Christianity

Focus on performance

 Story…..I feel that I could jump on his lap!!

 I have a friend who said, I feel like I’m back to the way I was when I was first saved, that if I died, I could run up to the Lord and jump on his lap… Now there is a danger in what he was saying, I said if you didn’t feel so good with God would you run up and jump on his lap?

  • Where was his faith?

  • It wasn’t in Christ it was in his relationship with God, in other words his own righteousness, self righteous, religious… you might as well throw away Jesus!

They will probably venting sin everywhere, foundation of human is security, power, and purpose, earthquakes – coz these things a shaking in the subconscious level of their hearts.

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