Exposing It

      I want to tell you a story

  • Sarah Jane’s Struggle

  • No one knows in this room knows Sarah Jane,

  • I have known her for a few yrs and she shared her story with me

  • She is a solo mother of two, her husband left her when she was 24


2.      Gloriously Saved

  • She got gloriously saved when she was 26, her life was radically touched by the Lord,

  • In that moment she knew he was real and he was wonderful, she had found everything her soul had ever desired a love that would last forever.

  • She was so in love with Jesus, she spent every moment thinking about him, talking about him, talking to him, loving him

  • Even though her life was still full of troubles and trials, she was so full of joy, this great eternal love was all she needed to be happy,

  • Everywhere she was she worshipped him in her heart, whether doing the dishes, or on the bus in to town.


3.      Months went by

  • She thought, my husband left me but God never will,

  • my husbands love for me wasn’t perfect and grew cold but Gods is love, his love will never die

  • God is beautiful and holy and kind and wonderful, he will never harm me or trample on our love… it will last forever and ever

  • He has plans for our great love that last for eternity


5.      Now the enemy of our souls seen this great love,

  • this beautiful relationship, he seen how it brought God so much pleasure and Sarah Jane so my joy,

  • It was so contagious, everyone was impacted by her joy, people got saved

  • Coz they felt dead and she looked alive

  • The enemy hated this love, it threw him into such rage and jealousy

  • She was a threat to his kingdom and must be dealt with.


6.      He had a plan, its worked a million times and it will work on her

  • He set about to work his cunning plan and get right in between that love relationship,

  • Not to kill it, just alter it a little, just enough to make all the difference.

  • After all he is the master of twisting and misrepresenting God

  • It’s the perfect plan, he wouldn’t change her actions he would just change her heart ….

  • attack the heart and the actions will change coz the motives change, the love changes

  • Jesus says guard your heart for out of it flows the issue of life



4.      Now Sarah Jane was an easy target really coz she always had high standards,

  • she never could live up to them, many times she would do what she didn’t want to do, or she wouldn’t do what she wanted to do.

  • But her great love for God and his great love for her covered that

  • He seems to know her heart and that she loved him so…

  • His love seemed to cover her, she felt so un-condemned, like it was ok with him, he understood and gave her grace



5.      The enemy released his most powerful and destructive weapon

  • Its also his most subtle weapon, it operates without people knowing, and the  changes of the heart go un-noticed

  • It’s a weapon that kills the heart, pollutes motives and perverts love

  • Does anyone know what weapon that is?

  • He said “attack her with religion”,

  • “pressure her with religious duty, show her what she isn’t doing, things she could be doing, should be doing, make her try, then condemn her when she fails, tell her she needs to perform, to be a better Christian, she has to pray harder, longer, more often, she must attend church and not miss, she must read her bible, and pray much.

  • Make her feel like she is failing, bad, useless, not worthy, she never matches up, not quite there,

  • I want her condemned, guilt, striving for acceptance, ashamed her heart far from him, I want her worship only to be at church, without thankfulness, religious, empty, just sing, or trying to gain God’s acceptance


6.      He sniggered

  • she wont see it coming, hit her from every angle,

  • stir up her conscience, put pressure on her to strive, to be holy

  • Make her focus on how righteous she is or isn’t, make her cross her conscience, attack her failings, get her repenting always repenting!!

  • Make her strive to be prefect, I want her try and gain brownie points for his love and acceptance…

  • Make her doubt Gods love; make her think that God is frowning at her, unpleased with her, that SHE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  • Bombard her with every confusing scripture that will shake her foundations, and make her perform for Gods love and acceptance,

  • I want this relationship to go from,

  • love to her being deserving,

  • from faith to her working,

  • from free gift  to being worthy,

  • destroy faith and destroy love… go go go


7.      As the years went by

  • Her heart began to empty just a little, to grow duller, she wasn’t thankful anymore, her songs weren’t worship they had become just singing

  • She never worshipped God in her spare time, spontaneously anymore

  • She knew all the words, she knew all the sermons

  • somehow she believed but didn’t believe, she knew but didn’t really know

  • Meanwhile God call many to preach and teach regarding his great love,


8.      Now Sarah Jane heads up a woman’s ministry,

  • She’s very focused on her ministry, she still reads her bible, has quiet times, she prays a lot, she preaches every week, she is very anointed and the gifts flow very well in her life…. she is well respected as a woman of God

  • But the love for God has drifted into a professional Christian ministry, it’s her identity now, these are the things she does. – she’s good at what she does

  • The actions haven’t changed that much but the reasons for doing them has.


9.      Now and again she really connects with God,

  • but most of the time, her relationship is at a distance

  • She can go the whole day without a loving thought toward the Lord, a month without her heart being thankful towards him,

  • She works had to keep her self right with God

  • She kind of lives in the shadows a constant judgement of her performance … how good she has been?

  • She repents a lot but never really feels like she is good enough, we wakes up feeling imperfect, she lives in a constant state of mild condemnation,

  • Sometimes she even doubts whether she is saved or not.

  • She’s guilty for sure, she doesn’t know what for?

  • If you said she was religious she would scoff, and say its not about religion its about relationship,

  • She believes the gospel and says its good news, but she some how doesn’t feel worthy before the Lord

  •  The Bible Says who bewitched you, you began in the Spirit, but now is trying to be perfected in the flesh


10.  Her great love has been told a lie and she has believed it.

11.  We are constantly bombarded with religion, 99% of the time we are blind to it, we don’t see it or recognise it… 

  • If the enemy is doing his job there is a little bit of us in this story

Sarah Jane’s love grew cold because she never had her foundations correct,

Story about the sky scraper with damaged foundations

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