Defining It

Defining Religion

There is the worldly meaning for religion and the Christian meaning

 The Christian meaning is simply… trying to qualify

  • When it comes to God and his support
    • Earning
    • Being worthy
    • Deserving
    • Accomplishing

 Who’s earning, you or Christ?

  • If its you, you might as well throw away Christ,
  • Paul goes on to say Christ is of no value to you.
  • Anything you earn in God is religion, anything Christ earnt is Christianity
  • You have been given all things what more can you earn?

The opposite of gift is earning it (earning the gift)

  • In other words the opposite of Gift is religion…
  • Freely freely you receive
  • If you try and earn what has been given as a free gift, you offend the giver

The focus has changed

In the old covenant it was about works, new covenant it’s about Jesus works

 Religion focuses on

  • Your performance
  • Your heart condition
  • Your desire to walk with God

It’s extremely destructive; it destroys love and wrecks relationships

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