What’s the Problem?

To truly understand “how” we are suppose to do something we need to understand “why” we have to do it.

If I know why I have to pray, I will know how to pray..

But because I don’t know why I get all confused… do I plead? Do I stand strong and command it? Do I repent it in? Do I just ask? Do I try and convince him, Do I stand and intercede? Do I call it forth? Do I just share my desires for it to happen? What am I suppose to do? and Why? Why does He even want me to pray.. it seems weird?

When you look at the world with all its wars, poverty, droughts, floods, misery and pain, God doesn’t really look that willing or able to help…

If God is all powerful and all loving…

  • What is the problem?

  • Where is the hold up?

  • What is stopping Him from action?

  • Is there a problem, is this mess His will?

  • Does He care?

Is He willing?

  • If He wants it done why doesn’t He just do it?

  • Does He need some encouragement?

  • Does He need us to convince Him?

  • Does He not have enough love?

  • Is He callous of heart?

Is He able?

  • Is He able to?

  • Maybe He’s willing but He’s not able?

  • Are His hands tied?

  • Does He need legal entry to do it?

  • Is it because the Devil is the God of this world?

Do we need to stand in the gap?

Why would someone need to stand in the gap? Does God not love them enough and we need to convince him?

Maybe these are the rules and God’s hands are tied?

But isn’t that whole legal issue over and done with in Christ?

I know He needed someone to stand in the gap before Christ, but now? I thought Jesus was doing that, I thought his blood is in the gap, on the mercy seat… do we stand in the gap for the world and He stand in the gap for us?

We know that He asks us to pray that his will would be done on the earth, does that mean He is locked out?

He needs us to ask Him in? The most blessed nations in the world are the ones who have had praying Christians in their history.

We know that he longs for us to prosper (3 John 1:2) and that he has blessed us with everything adding to life (2 Pet 1:3), but then goes on to say because “you didn’t ask so you didn’t get” (James 4:2). But surely God sees that I need it, why doesn’t he just give it automatically?

So does that mean God is not actively in control overseeing everything?

The answer is found in the construct…

God set up this world to produce, Faith, Hope and Love towards God and Man… the arm or outworking of these three things is prayer towards God and action towards Man.

If God just did it, then we wouldn’t need faith, God would just go about doing everything… It amazes me that some people think God’s perfect will is being done, that everything that happens is His will, I don’t know what kind of God they have but its not the God of the bible,

God is love and in Him is no darkness, He is not in league with the devil, He’s a war with the devil and is going to throw Him in the pit! Jesus said “Pray your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

Prayer is the out working of God’s person in you. It’s aligning yourself with Him, it’s the voice of faith, the voice of Hope and the voice of Love… Any other prayer is religious and a total waste of time and it won’t please God because it is not aligning with Him, not believing Him, not knowing Him, not loving Him.

So stop trying to make God willing, stop trying to convince Him, He is convinced, convince yourself that He is convinced and you will have faith.

Stop thinking God is not able… He will change everyone in a twinkling of an eye, and roll up the heavens with a scroll. He’s go more power than you could imagine.

The payment has been paid…

You are not He who stands in the gap on your own merits, if you stand there do not wield your own goodness or effort, stand there with the merits of Jesus as His ambassador, wielding His payment.

The payment has been paid, does your prayer earn something? No you earn nothing! Don’t try and earn, that’s just ugly religion… Jesus earnt everything… and that’s where faith and love comes in. It doesn’t earn it takes or believes for that which was already purchased.

You are God’s pathway into the earth, the angels ascended and descended upon Jesus.. He was Jacobs ladder.. so are you! You’re the gate, fling wide the gates so the King of Glory might come in. How?

Pray, pray and pray some more, everything is paid for, prayer in faith gets heaven moving!

The world is in agony, but this mess is not His will, we are at war! And we are loosing because we are not praying! You don’t get because you didn’t ask.. these are the rules! (James 4:2)

Stir up His love in you, pray in faith!

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