Simplify It

Simplify it!

When we pray its best to make it as simple as possible, break it down to a simple picture that is easy to believe for.

Story… Leukaemia

So the point is keep it simple, simple enough for you to believe, if its too big for you to believe simplify it, because God is working through your faith.

If your trying to cast out a demon but you see it as an enormous powerful monster simplify it.

Remember when you pray believe that you receive it and you shall have it, but if you doubt you will receive nothing from the Lord.

The Lord always deals with you were you are at…

Story… Demon on Chest

As you could see by that story that God showed a vision (at my functional level) that made me able to deal with a demon… if he showed me a big scary monster demon, I might runaway; He is the Author and Finisher of your faith.

If its too big for you, change your perspective…either make God bigger, yourself bigger (in him of course) or the problem smaller.

You’re not seeing the real truth anyway, your only seeing through a glass dimly, God is a billion times more glorious than you think, and so are you in him, the enemy is much more of a fly than you think; (They will look upon him and say is that him?? no way!) Keep it all in perspective.

Keep it believable!

To be continued….

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