Prayer Series

Prayer, some say its just talking to God, but there appears to be some guidelines and pitfalls to effective prayer… and when we are in need we need effective prayer.

I hate seeing people going away from an altar without getting from God what he so freely gives.

We need to know how to pray and we need to know how to be effective in our prayer.

Smith Wigglesworth came upon a group of people fasting and praying, they called it tarrying for the Holy Spirit, they had been doing it for 6 months, he was astonished.. he said what are you doing asking God for the Holy Spirit, he has already given him. Receive him!

They all received the Holy Spirit right then and there… the answer from God is not in the asking but in the receiving…

Charles Finny would enter a town and pray in revival in just a few days, and many times we hear of others who had prayed from years and never seen any answers.

Like James shows… there is effective prayer and ineffective prayer, Lets become effective!

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