Be one with yourself

Question: What is life’s purpose, why are we here on planet earth?

It has been said that nearly the whole world is asleep, even the Bible say’s wake up.

We are so involved in our life’s activities that we hardly know where alive.

We get blinded and hardly perceive what our life is, who we are or where we fit in. It takes normally the cold hard facts of life to wake us up, for example the death of someone close, but sadly we normally go back to sleep after its all over.

This is a study designed to wake us up for long enough to change our life’s action, focus and habits.  So the more you put in to this exercise the more you will obtain from it, the person who only reads this, will profit little.

To see our lives clearly and where we fit in; we need to separate ourselves from the circumstances and look from a distance, from all angles, from the beginning and the end.  This will give us a clearer understanding of our life, which will result in the less waste of our time, resources and energy.  We will make greater decisions and more will be achieved.  In short the further we will go in life, because we know who we are, where we fit in and where we are going.

                  Let’s look from a distance

Have you ever seen a picture of outer space totally covered with millions stars?   The planets, like our earth, are so small can’t even be seen; only the stars show up.  Each star has planets around it, this is called a solar system.

There are thousands of millions of stars with their own little planets grouped together in to what we call a galaxy. They say for mankind to travel between the two closest stars, with their fastest rockets, it would still take approximately 10,000 years, (and we have millions of stars in our galaxy alone!)

Our galaxy with its millions of stars lives in what they call a family of galaxies, which consists of 9 galaxies, in our universe there are millions of billions of families of galaxies.  To look back at our earth from another

galaxy, one that’s close to us, (not even one that’s billions of galaxies away), it would still be impossible to find earth; it would be an invisible speck floating in space.  But it is there and everyone living on it as if the world was the whole universe.  Humans, funny little creatures, all so busy doing their day-to-day activities.

There’s about six billion humans, most of them not even aware there alive, most of them in a vague dream, they all get up, live a day, then go back to bed, then the next day they do the same, most get up go to a place of work, then come home have tea, relax, then go to bed, they do this week after week after week, then eventually their life ends.

All that effort seems to have really no purpose, just filling in time, just existing, but they all do it, one generation passes away and another generation comes, and then their children carry it on.  This pattern has continued for thousands of years.

 All these lives are much the same, all having their dreams and their desires to achieve this and that.  Each have family and friends, all were all once a baby, then a young child, then a teenager, then they become an adult, maybe they find someone that they love and decide to get married, working together to fulfil their dreams, and support their families.  For most of them, as far as they see is their own life, their own desires and needs.  Multitudes have lived and multitudes have died, and even hundreds and thousands of years may have passed, but life still goes on, generations continue to come and generations continue to pass away, then they become forgotten.

Earth that tiny little planet is there, it is filled up with people and your down there somewhere right now, in a little country, that has many cities, your in a small building right now, your in one of its rooms, your with a group of people that meet every Tuesday night, to discuss things concerning life.

Can you see that this earth is just like an invisible speck in space, that on it are lives that only last a short time, then their gone, can you see that its now your turn to have your short stay on planet earth, called a life.

Even before you were born the number of days that were given to you, were written down in God’s book.  Those days might run out this week or this year.  Each day that you have, you will swap for something, whether it is trivial or eternal, it is still a day that you can never get back. Are you just living in a dream, a vague day-by-day existence?

Lacking any real purpose?  Not knowing who you are, what you really desire, what you’re accomplishing?   In years to come, will you look back on your life with regret?

Let’s have a look at what you are doing with your only life, what it adds up to, what you’re living for.

Here is a personal questionnaire, for your own privacy, to give you a general understanding about your life…

For this questionnaire to work, you must be truthful, to find the answers to this questionnaire, do not look to what you desire, but look to your past, what you have been doing up until now. Because this assessment is based on (the cold hard facts) who you are and what you do, not what you know you should do, or what you mean to do, for many people deceive themselves by always living in good

intentions, or talking the right words, but the truth is, its not what you know that counts its what you do.

Remember there is only one thing that will last forever from this world,

It’s people won to Jesus, not businesses, houses, careers, wealth or anything else you spend your only life on. Write down what you have been doing that will last forever, the things of which you will rejoice about on judgement day, and even when you look back in 10,000 years you’ll be glad you done…

Now go and do the questionnaires…

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