Healing Gems

“… and with His
 stripes we were healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

– Healing is yours

– You were healed

– Take what is positional, provided for you, its yours

– Unless heaven moves nothing happens, the kingdom of heaven is not in word (or Prayer words) but in power

– Unless the anointing flows nothing happens

– Who told her to touch the hem of his garment?

– The power of God is always there to heal but no one is touching it

– Don’t ask God to heal you… look at the cross and say thank you

– The truth will set you free

– Faith overcomes the world

– The Word of God is without effect unless activated by faith

– You’re pleading doesn’t please God faith does

– You tried everything now try believing him

– Faith is in receiving not asking

– Pray believe you receive and you will have what you ask

– I will not hold one good thing back from you, you who does right, this is the work of God that you believe in Jesus Christ whom he has sent

– As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so the son of man must be lifted up, look at him a while and faith will rise in your heart, ponder, ask questions, know the truth you are healed.

– How can I be healed and sick at the same time? simple there are two truths, one apparent and one real, a truth of the earth and one of heaven… a truth of provision and one of experience… which ever one you believe in in your heart of hearts will come true.

– So it is the same with everything in Christ, its a faith covenant, not natural, not automatic, its how you get everything in God or you just won’t get it… get it?

– When the heart believes confession is made unto… (Rom 10:10)

– If your heart doesn’t believe, find someone who does!

– God would rather you got healed by believing him than someone laying hands on you.

– You pray for yourself you lazy thing

– You say I know God, well you would believe him then!

– Abraham considered not his own body, but looked to him who’s promise is true (Rom 4:19-21)

– You say heal me and I will believe you, he says believe me and I will heal you

– Faith is the transport system in the kingdom of heaven

– Look at the cross until faith rises in your heart

– To him who believes nothing shall be impossible

– Speak and do not doubt in your heart and it will obey you… not God, YOU!!! (Luke 17:6Matt 21:21)

– The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ guarantees heaven will back you up!

– God longs for you to believe him

– To be continued…

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