Healing Series

How do we move in healing?

We must realise its God who heals...

we do not do the healing,

Story…Stop Growing!

Faith doesn’t heal the person, God does. It’s not some mystical power or formula, it God who moves through your faith, we don’t have faith in our faith, we have faith in God.

Through your faith… 

from your heart… to the degree of faith healing happens, sometimes there are other blocks but the main one is faith. “The prayer of faith shall save the sick” (James 5:15), “you couldn’t do it because you never had any faith” (Matt 17:19-20).

The person you pray for doesn’t have to have faith, but one of you does, it can be faith anywhere that will help you open the door of your heart and get the anointing flowing. E.g. It might be that you have faith that “God watches over his word to perform it” (Jer 1:12), it might be “whatever you ask in my name“, it might be “lay hands and they will recover” (Mark 17:18), it might be a vision, it might be anything the Lord is giving you… but there has to be faith to reach out and take it.

The power comes through us…

 Jesus said who touched me? He felt the power come out of Him, then He said your faith has made you whole. (Luke 8:43-48)

He said “I am working and my father is working“. Lets face it… if no one was there to minister the power of God the person would go un-ministered too, therefore wouldn’t receive their healing.

The saying is “you have to get under the spout where the glory comes out”. Those that live down the road from the church don’t get healed just by being next to a church, my point is, the ministry comes through you, (and other saints that believe), If you don’t pray it won’t happen.

We are the ones that wield the power of God, Jesus said “if I by the finger of God cast out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come to you“. He was ministering God’s power, God’s kingdom, but God was doing the work…

We do the ministering, God does the work.

We can block it or release it…

 God wanted to heal the little boy (Jesus proved it by healing him) but the disciples blocked God (prevented the healing). (Matt 17:16-21) Jesus left no room for lame excuses like “a timing issues” and God’s will.

Story…Shrinking Hand

If you find you are blocking God, or you’re getting a question mark in your spirit (will He? won’t He?), you need to scan your heart for a scripture, for something you can believe.  Ask God to help you believe, ask God to give you a way to believe, He might give you a picture or a word, use it, believe it… He is the Author and Finisher of your faith.

Note: if you block God this time you need to go back the word to remove that question mark so next time you don’t block God. Start building a faith that will keep your heart open, a faith that believes God… Heaven comes through the word of God, nothing was made without the word of God. The word lodged in your heart produces faith.

Jesus said As for you, if you hold fast to my teaching, then you are truly my disciples; then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” We have to hold fast to what he taught… did you see the faith scriptures of what he taught? It would be heresy in a lot of churches today, preaching what Jesus preached…. e.g. “YOU speak and it will obey YOU, nothing shall be impossible to YOU”. Many throw away half of Jesus teaching regarding faith, to their own (and others) peril.

Faith Scriptures

Must know its already given…

or freely given, we don’t have to even ask we can just look at the cross and say thank you, the woman with the issue of blood, she didn’t ask him, yell or grumble, plead or fast in order to try and convince God, she just went and took it.

Faith is in the receiving not the asking! “God has given all things adding to life and Godliness” (2 Pet 1:3), “They are all yes and amen” (2 Cor 1:20), “every spiritual blessing is yours” (Eph 1:3), Its not“ever learning, but never coming to a knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim 3:7) It not knowing what the bible says, its believing it!

One day I was asking the Lord to heal me, He said, “don’t try and convince me, just look at the cross and say thank you”.

The healing depends on the volume of anointing and faith

When you pray if nothing moves in the Spiritual realm nothing will happen. “The kingdom is not in word it’s in Power“. Jesus said “Apart from me you can do nothing

Story: Question Mark?

Like drinking through a straw, the volume of water (living water) that flows through the straw is dependant on how big the straw (your faith) is.

Results depend on how much anointing (living water, Holy Spirit) can flow into the situation, which then depends on how quick the healing is.

Our believing directs the anointing

We are all poor in so many area’s, the kingdom is for the poor, (Luke 6:20) when God sees our needs he sees millions of needs in us all.

  • Jesus said what do you want me to do? The blind man had so many needs, we think its obvious, he would want his sight, but God probably saw a hundred more important needs than his sight.

Touched but not healed…

I have seen people totally refreshed but still go away not healed… filled with joy but still sick in body, wiped out under God’s power, but get up not healed (in their body).

That can only mean a few things,

  • There is a specific anointing flowing… Jesus said out of the belly will flow rivers (not river) (John 7:38)

  • Or the anointing becomes the flavour of the gift being used.

  • Or some people can only minister in certain gifts.

  • Or what is heart-believed for is what happens.

Just because there is a powerful anointing flowing we shouldn’t change the rules should we?

The heart faith directs the anointing…

What are you believing for?

for example: I can ask the Lord to heal without saying the words out of my mouth, but my faith is very clear on the task.. I can say “thanks Lord” and it happens.

Sometimes we say all this stuff with the head as if its a magic formula, or we expect that prayer is enough… prayer without faith is a waste of time! It doesn’t matter what your head says its what your faith says. It’s what your heart is believing for…it’s that simple!

God spoke the Word with faith and the Spirit created the world… that is it in a nut shell! The Godhead at work!

We ask God with faith, in the Word, (logos or rhema) the Holy Spirit does the work.

  • Logos – Written Word (scriptures)

  • Rhema – Spoken Word (From Holy Spirit) (Rom 10:17)

So how do you step out in healing?

Be like Abraham who considered not what he seen and felt, he only looked to Him who’s promise is true. (Rom 4:19-21)

Grab the Word of God and only believe it, get it into your heart until you know it is completely true! then when you do… minister it with full confidence!

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