Purity Gems

God says be holy as I am holy

– Purposeful sin breaks our connection with God.

– We say we love him but we do what we know we ought not.

– A broken connection is a shipwrecked faith.

– Not a purity of Adam (self) but of Christ (faith).

– Darkness clouds, it does! (Yoda)

– God’s given us boundaries and set out consciences by them

– The enemy lives outside the boundaries, its safer away from the margins

– Enemy lives in the shadows stay in the light

– You MUST have a spiritual shower everyday of you WILL begin to smell.

– They have a form of Godliness but deny the power of it

– Washing your dirty rags doesn’t make you godly, its putting on the new clothes that God give you does… put on Christ!

– Partake in the divine nature, put on the mind of Christ. Abide in Him, without him your just you! Adam (you) is corrupt to the core!

– Be full of you and you will flow out, be full of God and God will flow out

– Be full of God then you don’t have think humble thoughts you will be humble.

– To be continued…

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