This is still in sermon form… yet to be converted to a study!

Problem – We don’t trust God

  • Were not sure what he’s up to
  • Were not sure he will come through
  • We pray but think God’s got another agenda
  • He doesn’t seem to be able to answer the big prayers
  • Seems to lack action
  • Seems to be not very powerful
  • Seems to be distant
  • Seems to be passively watching from a distance
  • Seems to be silent
  • Seems to be able to help when it counts
  • Seems to be able but doesn’t want to, unwilling

Know Gods power

  • God will roll up the heavens like a scroll
  • God will change everyone in a twinkling of an eye
  • God will raise all the dead in an instant

Know Gods character

  • God is good all the time
    • God is never bad
    • God has never lied
    • God has never sinned
  • God is completely perfectGod is reliable
    • God is light
    • In him there is no darkness
    • God is not like ying & yang (the devil is; he gives and adds sorrow, God gives and adds no sorrow)
    • God is love… (1 cor 13)


Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ

  • God has set-up a law of life,
  • So that your confidence doesn’t rely upon your (Cain’s vegetables) goodness or How good your relationship is with him.

Know Gods desire

  • God desires none to perish
  • God is like and old lady who lost a coin
  • Jesus said I am willing
  • God said I will not hold one good thing back from u
  • I give you everything
  • I’ve made you everything, highest
  • I love you so much I sent my son (God came himself)
  • Jesus paid the punishment for your condition, you don’t have to pay it

Know Gods limitations

  • God does not cross the human willGod will not cross his word
    • So if they want to rape, murder, fly planes into buildings, or else this world would be kind of crazier, you couldn’t, & could do anything.
    • The world (construct) is governed by logic, every action has an opposite and equal reaction.
  • God is all powerful but God chooses to work within the construct,
  • He basically follows the laws of the construct
  • Faith overcomes the construct.. e.g. Jesus walking on the water
  • God has involved another realm to be working as well… Angels

How – Get over it; trust God

  • Change the focus from the asking to the receiving
  • Faith is in the receiving
  • Trust is in knowing that he will

What God actually requires of you

  • Understand total unearned grace
  • Remove yourself from law
  • Realise, all you have is a repentant heart, Have a heart that says sorry
  • Trust him, cease from your own works

Difference between Faith & Hope

  • Hope looks at the future
  • Faith is now
  • Faith is giving substance to things hoped for (Heb 11:1)
  • Faith is a noun
  • Everyone is made incredibly rich in God in every area, beyond their wildest imaginations
  • God has done all he’s ever going to do to heal you
  • The framework is set, faith activates the frame work to move
  • Faith is the courier company
  • The Word of God is dead unless activated by Faith.. activate it by agreeing with God (Heb 4:2)

Faiths trigger

  • Aeroplane need to take off, pull up at the last minute
  • Light switch power is there but just need it turned on
  • Amen… means so be it!
  • Trigger is the last step of faith before action happens


  • Kingdom of heaven suffers violence
  • Jericho’s walls
  • Lazarus tomb
  • Effect fervent prayer of a righteous man


Get people to pray for each other

Law of faith

  • Find a scripture you really believe on the subject
  • Remember to pray according to the level you can really believe for


  • Understand the fruit and vegetables, don’t be a Cain, throw off Adam identity

The price

  • Jesus has paid in full


  • If he’s already given it
  • If he’s not going to hold back,
  • Its already in your covenant rights
  • Focus on the receiving, (remember those tarrying for the Holy Spirit)
  • Don’t try and convince God, just get it settled with him now… he’s God, he’s great, fantastic
  • Know he will not hold one good thing back
  • Make sure you pull the trigger

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