– Repentance doesn’t earn anything in God

– Repentance just gives you the same heart and mind as God

– Repentance doesn’t get you ready for Christ

– Jesus earnt everything you’re ever going to get from God

– Repentance was never meant to be an Anti-Christ

– Beware for the Spirit of Religion loves hijacking repentance, it will get you repenting all day, every day.

– Repentance without faith is like, a light bulb without electricity

– Whatever is not of faith is sin

– Repentance breaks legal rights of the enemy

– Repent, renounce and reject.

– Lament and morn, purge your heart, you’re not the devils play ground you heavens stronghold

– You’re not saved by grace through repentance… its grace through faith

– Godly sorrow

– Faith produces real repentance, trying to be righteous produces the counterfeit

– Correct Spirit -> Faith -> Relief -> Thankfulness – Love -> Repentance

– Religious spirit -> guilt -> shame -> condemnation -> repentance -> no faith -> no relief -> same again tomorrow??

– Repentance without faith is sin

– My best repentance is still filthy rags

– Don’t have faith in your repentance have it in Christ

– The self righteous are always repenting

– Don’t teach your people how to repent, teach them how to love God

– If your not wearing your helmet of salvation you will always be repenting, it won’t be God though.. it will be the spirit of religion

– If your not wearing your breastplate of righteousness you will be forever repenting too

– Repentance has a very important place in God but some would almost have it replace Christ.

– Repentance purges the heart, purge your heart you doubled minded, lament and mourn, let your laughter be turned to mourning.

– Put on your helmet and breastplate and you will be lifted out of a deep well, you will fly up into the heavens; its faith that keeps you there!

– To be continued…

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