– Your heart will always condemn you while it sees that you’re not wholehearted, wholehearted walking with God, wholehearted loving God, wholehearted fighting sin. Can you ever be free from this sincerity assessor within you? Sure you can… when you’re perfect, or when you understand God’s grace and Jesus work.

– Don’t be like Cain coming with the work of your hands, God never meant you to come on your own merits, you’re a Christian remember you come with your sacrifice.. Christ! And like Abel you will always be accepted.

– On/off, up/down, in/out, firing/struggling, feeling good / feeling bad, in the light/hiding smiling/frowning, confident/ashamed, winning/loosing, standing tall/ shrinking back? get secure!! the blood is still on the mercy seat.

– Its the blood God sees.

– So you’re in the house but you’re not consuming the lamb (Christ)? well you’re still in the house and the blood is still on the door. (Ex 12:7-13)

– Wearing the armour leaves no place for condemnation

– Only those not wearing the breast plate of righteousness get condemned, put it on!… its not put on by your effort, your goodness its put on by the blood, faith in Jesus’ finished work.

– The same applies to the helmet of salvation, if your not wearing it you will feel condemned, and always trying to get saved… put it on by faith in the blood!

– Grace is in the light not in the darkness, its like the red sea crossing, stay away from the sides.

– If we sin, we have an advocate with the father, it doesn’t say stay in your sin and say we have grace… there is no such thing as guilt free sin! That’s called lawlessness!

– those who practice righteousness are righteous as he is righteous

– Those that sin are of the devil (1 John 3:8) he who is born of God does not sin… its the sin within me that sins

– Those who pull down a hedge will be bitten by a serpent

– Your condemned because you know your sinning, if your not then put on the armour of God

– Every thing that is whispered in secret will be shouted from the roof tops, but if you confess your sin I will remember it no more.

– Isn’t working to keep your salvation the same as working to earn it?

– Guard your heart

– Hate sin and your heart will be happy

– For the flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh

– To be continued…

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