– People shipwreck their faith with an unclean conscience (1 Tim 1:19)

– A person who walks in the uprightness of the own heart is one step from a shipwrecked faith.

– When you stand by the uprightness of your own heart, once you fall short you have nothing left to stand on

– You must have a flawed (bewitched) doctrine before you can have a shipwrecked faith

– If your doctrine doesn’t have room for failure you will be shipwrecked in no time

– A shipwrecked faith is tainted by rejection before the throne of God

– A shipwrecked faith sinks in an ocean of doubt

– Where is your faith? In Christ or you? (Mark 4:38)

– Repent, purge you heart you double minded (James 4:7-10)

– When I’m ok with myself I’m ok with God… beware you’re self righteous

– Who bewitched you, that you begun in the Spirit and now are trying to be perfected in the flesh.

– Its an endless chasing of the tail, this cleaning up the old man… walk in the new, all old things are done away all have become new.

– You must separate salvation from discipleship or you will always be shipwrecking your faith.. saved/unsaved, righteous/unrighteous, secure/insecure.

– You are 100% saved, secure, righteous, free, its all in Christ get out of Adam…

– Bring Christ not the work of your hands Cain! (Gen 4:3-7)

– You might be in the bottom of the Ark with the pigs but you’re still in the Ark

– You might be in the house with Moses and the blood stained doors, hiding under the table with shame but your still in the house, Gods looking for the blood as he passes by, not you.

– Go examine the mercy seat, explore it, ask questions of it, is the blood really enough? Has God said “it’s enough?” He said Jesus was “propitiation” which means more than enough. Stay there until you see your ship (shipwrecked faith) rise out of the deep and float again. The ocean of guilt, condemnation and insecurity will pour off it as you rise.

– To be continued…

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