The Construct

To fully understand “how” to use something we normally have to know “why” it was made in the first place…  this study looks at the big questions, why did God make things the way He did?

The answers give an overview of life so we can truly understand why things are they way they are, and were everything fits in.


  • There are laws that God has put in place,

  • Laws that demand the growth of faith and trust.

  • God setup this world as his plan to produce faith, hope and love.


  • We clash with the laws that God has made, through lack of knowledge or incorrect worldview.

  • We cannot answer simple questions (about the construct); therefore we do not understand and end up continually hitting our heads against the wall of Gods framework.

Lets look at the frame work of this world, I call it “The Construct”, the mechanics of Gods rules and setup.


  • Why Does God hide himself?

  • Why is there a devil?

    • How many planets are there? Gazillions!

    • Why did God put the devil on this planet?

    • Why did he hide the devil from us?

  • If God wanted us in heaven, why did he put us on the earth?

  • Why is there a hell?

  • Why do we die, why such a short struggling life?

  • Why does God want us to worship Him? Is he an egotist?

  • Why was Christ crucified before God laid the foundation of the world?

  • Why is everything a mystery?

  • Why create the world this way

    • Why a sun and moon?

    • Why male and female?

    • Why lungs, and stomach?

    • Why eat food? Why go to the toilet?

    • Why gravity?

  • Why something has to die for something else to live?… Food (Life) for one is death for another.

  • Why are we living this dream called life?

 Mechanics of the construct 

  • Why Pray?

    • If God wants it done, why doesn’t he just do it?

    • What stops him?

    • Is he not willing?

    • Is he not able?

    • Why wait for someone to pray? and if they don’t pray it doesn’t happen

  • Why Faith? If God wants it done.. why constrain it to my faith?

    • How come my faith can block or bring? (James 1:6-8, Matt 17:20)

    • If I pray but don’t have faith it won’t happen why?

    • Why is he so passive?

    • Who fault is it if we pray for a person and they don’t get healed?

    • Why do some people not get healed?

  • Is God’s will being done on the earth?

    • Is God really in control?

    • If he is why is it such a mess?

    • Why is there suffering?

    • Why is there such pain?

Explanations: Everything  has been made with a purpose in mind, almost everything in creation is a physical example of a spiritual truth,

  • e.g. If you don’t have a shower everyday you will begin to stink, the same applied with a daily spiritual shower, wash your soul or it will begin to stink.

  • Another e.g. the Sun and moon, sun is a picture of God and the moon is a picture of us the church, the moon has no glory in itself, it must be looking at the sun to reflect its glory.

My aim here is not answer all the questions that have been asked above, even though the answers are simple, the aim is to tackle the big questions like – why God hides Himself and the devil? why faith? why have to pray?

Biblical themes…

Before the earth was formed God’s other creation heaven had trouble, God must have somehow allowed this deception to appear viable. Maybe God was wanting true love and trust, a closer relationship, a oneness.

Lucifer made perfect but also with free will, (or couldn’t rebel) corrupted himself through trade became violent, worshipped himself, said I am perfect…. rebelled, lied, a third of the angels believed him, (maybe even all of the angels, but some had faith, hope or love towards God and stayed) (Isa 14:12-17, Ezek 28:12-15, John 8:44, Rev 12:4-9)

14 You were the anointed cherub who covers: and I set you, so that you were on the holy mountain of God; you have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. 15 You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, until unrighteousness was found in you.

16 By the abundance of your traffic they filled the midst of you with violence, and you have sinned: therefore I have cast you as profane out of the mountain of God; and I have destroyed you, covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.17 Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you have corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness: I have cast you to the ground; I have laid you before kings, that they may see you.

Lucifer turned himself Satan by his vanity…

3 Another sign was seen in heaven. Behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns. 4 His tail drew one third of the stars of the sky, and threw them to the earth. The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.

5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron. Her child was caught up to God, and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that there they may nourish her one thousand two hundred sixty days.

7 There was war in the sky. Michael and his angels made war on the dragon. The dragon and his angels made war. 8 They didn’t prevail, neither was a place found for him any more in heaven. 9 The great dragon was thrown down, the old serpent, he who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

A different frame work – Earth… heaven couldn’t produce what he wanted to do, God decided to make a creation that will not do what Lucifer did ever again. It would have hurt God so much as he would have created, known and totally loved every angel that fell.

Make another creation – Man… God said let us make man, in our image, but God allowed a different framework for man to be born into, instead of being made perfect like the angels, he will be born sinful, (by his own doing – Adam), some say that God intended us to live on the earth sinless forever, I don’t believe that because it say that Jesus was crucified before God laid the foundation of the world. (Rev 13:8)

This framework will produces what God desires, faith, hope and love, everything will be setup for these things, (1 Cor 13:8, 13)

The world didn’t have to be created this way, He could have made it a million different ways, but He made it this way by purposeful design, it was all by His choosing.. everything, from creating us male and female, to having babies, to even eating food and being an organic being….

So why male and female?

Two Sexes for Love – for love he create two sexes, male and female, who will be attracted to each other and will desire bonds and belonging with each other,  from that they will make males and females born as helpless babies needing love and caring…

God will hide himself – faith, hide my glory and show them my heart, glory or the brightness of glory is not a true measurement of glory.. it just a mechanic, a bright light, the brighter the light the more glory, the true representation of Glory is love, goodness, kindness, longsuffering, self control etc… God said I will show then my attributes and my love. But hide my manifest glory… God is light & Love

You will have to believe me because I said so, (the angels never), because you believe God is who He said He is and because He demonstrated it in Christ… you will trust Him and His character, why? because if you do believe Him, you will know Him, He want you to know Him (his heart).. you might say “but I do know you!” God would say, “well you will believe me then” its called truly knowing God, “God the truth”. This world is setup for truly knowing him and his grace.

Allow a strong delusion – hope… Instead of sin being a mystery and a curiosity, God will causes us to know it and hate it, He will become the mystery.

  • He will hide the devil and his demons from us, He will allow them to have their  deceptive ways,  He will allow the enemy’s lies to run their full course, so they will be overcome and proved wrong instead of hushing it them up, and causing a whisper.

  • My people will have to come through the fire of this world (Mark 9:49), everything will function by knowing the truth about me (faith) and believing in the face of insurmountable (lies) evidence to the contrary (hope).

I know this was brief but hopefully that answers the question of; why did Jesus put faith back on to us? and say ‘by your faith you have been healed‘, and ‘according to your faith let it be done unto you‘, – its where we are at not where God is at.

What we learn in the foundations of our souls is that… its by grace 

You will learn on this earth 

  • By My grace, you will be made perfect, so you don’t worship yourself

  • By My grace you will be given life, so you know its a privilege

  • By My grace you will be forgiven, you know you don’t deserve it.

  • By My grace you will become my sons, at incredible cost to him

  • By My grace you will be come righteous, zero self righteousness

  • By My grace, and grace alone

  When you get to heaven…

  • You will be grateful for you never got there on your own merit

  • You will be fearful because of the great cost of sin, eternal destruction

  • You will trust him because you learnt to, to get there

  • You will be God glorifying for you know your not worthy

  • You will hate sin because you fought it everyday

  • You will be humble – know you didn’t deserve it

  • You will know his heart, because you had to to get anything from him

God will get from this earth what he desires a being that loves and trusts him, your faith in God is the greatest treasure you have.

You will be a higher creation, closer not creator/creation, but father/son born of God and even closer… a oneness… he makes up every part of the new creation, the divine nature, the mind of Christ, one Spirit with him, his joy, his peace, his righteousness, his strength, his love, etc.. your soul. You are like the balloon He is the air that fills you.

Since the beginning of this framework and before, it has always been about believing God; from the angels to Adam, from Noah to Moses, from Jesus to you the list goes on…

At the end of the day, when we step through in eternity to our final place with the Lord, all knowledge of this earth, this life, God even says that the memory of the wicked will be removed from the righteous (it wouldn’t be paradise if you remembered the lost) all will be done away except faith, hope and love,. (1 Cor 13:8)

  • Even Ian McCormack (the Jelly fish man who came back from the dead) said he knew if he stepped through to eternity he would forget the world instantly and it would be as if he had just been born.

These are the three things that the angels that remained had, faith in God, or hope in God or they Loved God, the ones that rebelled lacked them. You too will have learnt these three things, these are the reasons for your short earth existence and the construct God has created you in.

We have to realise it’s not all about God, it’s all about us… everything is about us, our lessons, our development, our faith, our trust in the Lord, that’s why He put us here. We are not waiting on God, He is waiting on us!

That’s why if you don’t it won’t happen, if you don’t do, ask, arise, pray, believe, fight, act, reach out, the sooner we realise this the sooner we come to a knowledge of the truth. The sooner we will begin to understand this mystery called life, this dream that is so real, so real but so surreal at the same time.

Christians that don’t believe it’s about us can’t answer the simple questions of the construct, they want it more religious, more about God and less about us. It’s totally about God, but also totally about our responses to Him. He is actively growing our faith, from faith to faith. The author and finisher of our faith! It’s all about faith in Him, it always has been, there is no other purpose for this life and it’s setup, it’s construct.

God’s got a plan and in His perfect wisdom it is being out worked now.


  1. God is perfect and he has set up this world to produce the results he wants

  2. If we want to get anything done we need faith in God,

  3. We get faith from knowing him, his character, that He is both willing and able

  4. We know him from studying his word and spending time with him

  5. We will have to learn to love and trust him, that is the main purpose of our lives here

  6. We should never do what Lucifer did as we start with a different foundation – Christ!

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