Head vs. Heart

I lay in bed, just to touch my ear it was painful, what’s wrong I thought?

I know how to fix this… I will contemplate Jesus hanging on the cross… as I considered the cross, I started to say… “I’m healed”.. “I’m healed”

I’m healed thank you God that I’m healed…. but it was hollow it lacked the substance of faith.. it was head knowledge.

I kept repeating it (not that repeating it does anything) each time it was hollow, I didn’t believe it in my heart, but as I keep looking, pondering and questioning.

What really happened there at Calvary? Was I healed, is it finished? it started to dawn on me, seeing the truth started to activate my Spirit, my faith, I started to believe… I started becoming full convinced, fully assured, until I got to the place I knew I was healed…

All of a sudden (when the heart believes) that which was hollow and lacking integrity became solid, became whole, its like this roar comes out of your Spirit.

I sat there in pain, so full of joy that I was healed, and knowing I truly was.

I wasn’t doing what we try to do so many times, we try and thank God for healing us when we haven’t got faith, when its still hollow words because we haven’t activated the truth in our Spirit.

2 minutes later I was totally healed.. this is how faith works and an example of faith in action!

As the serpent is lifted up in the wilderness so the son of man must be lifted up. How did those bitten by the serpent (sin) get healed? they had to come and look at the serpent on the stick (Christ), those who didn’t come died.

If you abide in my word you will truly be my disciple and then you will know the truth and the truth will (come and) set you free. (John 8:32)

When the heart believes confession is made unto salvation (salvation meaning fully whole and healed  in Christ) (Rom 10:10) What does your heart believe? Yes it shows too!

It’s when the heart believes… if it doesn’t believe then this is the work God has for you to do.. get believing! (John 6:29).

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