Faith Simplified

Why Faith?

We must understand why to understand how, what, where and who.

  • Why must I have faith? Why must I it doesn’t seem fair

  • Faith is simply knowing God, his heart, his desire, his love.

  • You say but I know God… well if you did you would believe him and it would happen, God wants you to know him and trust him.

What is faith?

  • Is a substance, it’s a real thing

  • It’s a law, (next study)

  • It’s a sure confidence that you know that you know

  • Faith is simply aligning yourself with God

  • Just simply believing him in your heart

  • Knowing what He said is 100% true

  • Agreeing with God

  • Knowing the truth

  • Trusting Him

  • Knowing God

How do I get faith?

  • Faith is a result not a source, like milk, you cant expand milk by trying to stretch it or squash it, you have to go back to the cow to get milk. (Rom 10:17)

  • You have to go to Gods word to get faith, not just written word (logos), because the letter kills but the Spirit gives life, its God’s Rhema word which is Gods word spoken to you by the Spirit.

  • By understanding Gods concepts, truths and precepts

  • By looking at Calvary

  • Praying in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20)

  • We all have been given a measure of faith, like muscles it grows, with use.

 Exercising faith

 I will show you how important faith & prayer is.

 What is the one thing God will give freely to everyone who asks?

  • It doesn’t matter who you are and what your doing.

  • You could be an axe murderer he will give it freely without you having to repent of change your ways.


  • But James say that God will give it freely but if you doubt, it wont get through, you wont receive a thing!

  • God wants to give it but you cant receive it

  • God wants to function but cant

  • Its promised but not received

  • Its provided but never realised

If we can block wisdom by our lack of faith: how much more, believing for bigger things, or even bigger like, healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead.

Not only is this a good way to demonstrate how we block God’s miracles, it also works as a simple practice for our faith, to prime our pump, and even identify if our heart is blocked and needing unblocking.

It also is a way to identify what faith feels like when it rises in our heart, feel how solid it is, the full confidence in it, the fully assured. Just know if you suppose you received wisdom when you asked you never got it, you must know, know that you know! based totally upon God’s promise and character.

Faith is like muscles, you have all been given a measure, practice here until you can move on to bigger things.

Faith simplified when ministering

  1. Power flows through heart…….All issue (power of God) flows through the heart (Prov 4:23)… Its when the heart believes (Rom 10:10) God’s provision flows

  2. When hearts blocked, powers blocked…...Heart is foundation of our beliefs (James 4:8) ..When our hearts are perverse (blocked by unbelief) issue is blocked (Matt 17:17, James 1:6-8)

  3. The Word of God makes heart right (Rom 12:2)… Know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32) Only Believe and you will see the Glory of God (John 11:40) See what you believe not believe what you see (Heb 11:11)

Faith simplified when believing for a promise…

  1. Everything is positional, provided, or promised but remain untapped unless by faith and prayer

  2. Everything positional is final, finished, past tense, to the identical proportions (joint heir) of Christ when you are baptised in Christ, but not apparent or manifest until faith activates it. e.g. healing, Christ is not sick

  3. Faith is simply knowing the truth and the truth sets you free, its when the heart believes, (Rom 10:10) Pray, believe you receive and will have what you ask. (Mark 11:24)

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