Blocking God

Remember the construct

God has setup this world, to produce faith

Its always been about faith

Blocking God

Brief: We can block God and his provision by not stepping up into faith, so we plead, and try and convince God and fast.

  • We come before God pray for things and don’t get because we block God’s provision, we get the little things but cant get the big things.

  • We get confused why didn’t God do it?

Faith is all about full confidence

  • Prophecy according to faith, (pray)


  • Mark 11:24


  • Like and aeroplane, taxing down the runway,

  • if it stays at taxi speed it will crash,

  • many people crash on the altar because they are praying at taxi speed,

  • we need to change laws,

  • change from gravity to aerodynamics

  • from hope to faith


  • We are just scratching the surface,

  • we are called to do greater works,

  • the world ran and got the crippled and hurting and brought them to Jesus,

    • how come we don’t go get people out of the hospital and bring them to church?

    • Is it because we don’t believe anything will happen?

Story.. Shrinking Hand

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