According to Your Faith

There’s a peace that comes when we understand God’s plan for life and His purposes of having mankind on earth, because many of us are wandering around with religious ideals that are not at all true. We wonder why God just doesn’t make sense sometimes. Especially in tragedy and suffering, does He not care, or has He got a greater goal in mind?

The wrong ideals send us pleading and crying out to God, desperately trying to convince Him to have compassion, unfortunately what normally follows is just confusion and pain, how come God never? Does He even care? And then we comfort ourselves with “oh well God must have a bigger plan in mind for this situation” “for all things work together for good for those who love God and are called to His purposes”. Of course that scripture is true but was the suffering that made us quote that scripture really God’s will?

We think that God is in control of everything, we have this idea that everything that goes on is His will. This idea is not truly biblical, God is sovereign but in His sovereignty He has chosen a world that certain laws govern and not Him. Laws like free will, of sowing and reaping, and laws of faith and love, and of course all the natural laws, like gravity etc…

We see in the bible God’s permissive will and God’s perfect will, lets get it right, right here and right now, God’s perfect will is not done in the earth, God is not controlling everything, God puts before us life and death, blessing and cursing and asks us to choose, that’s our will being done, Jesus was sent to destroy the works of the devil, and God was with Him, this shows the devils will being done. Jesus said pray “Our Father which is in heaven glorified be Your name, YOUR KINGDOM COME YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”. This shows God’s will is not being done on the earth. Then the bible goes on the say, in Roman 12:1-2 that you would be able to prove God’s good, perfect and acceptable will if your prepared your life by transforming it with the word of God and offering it as a holy sacrifice.

So God will allow humans and the demonic their free wills but it doesn’t mean that God’s perfect will is being done only His permissive will. It’s interesting that God’s perfect will only comes by people praying it in and then only (especially in the bigger more miraculous things) by those who have transformed their life by the world of God and offered it as a holy sacrifice.

This puts it all back on us, Jesus said it this way, (my paraphrase) this powerful miracle only comes when you get in a better place spiritually so you can believe God, for you are too carnal and double minded (double minded man will receive nothing from God) and its causing you to have no faith. (Matt 17)

He said this “according to your faith let it be unto you” this is the truth of the matter, its all according to our faith, do we believe God? God is looking for faith, Jesus said when I return will I find faith on the earth? Without faith it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please God.

God does everything according to our faith, the one suffering with that maimed body, that one dieing of cancer, its all according to your faith not your pleading. God’s love convinced Him not your tears.

God is able… He will roll up the heavens like a scroll, in the twinkling of an eye He will change everything that is corruptible into that which is not corruptible. He is almighty, He has all power, He is able! It is an easy thing for Him, instead of healing just your friend He could heal everyone in the whole world in a split second. Nothing is impossible to Him. He has one requirement that you believe Him…

He uses your faith, because he wants you to believe Him, because He wants you to truly know Him. So He says it this way… “to Him who BELIEVES nothing shall be impossible” and “According to your faith let it be done unto you” and “Pray BELIEVE YOU SHALL RECEIVE and you shall have what you believe” It’s all according to where you are at not where God is at, you need to transform your thinking with the word of God so you actually believe God and can “prove His good and acceptable and perfect will”

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