Regular Faith

This section is to help you understand faith and where it fits into your walk with God, in it we will cover the basics and some more advanced aspects.

Here are some snippets of what we will cover…

The Construct – Why has God built the world this way, why must I have faith? why does he hide himself? why did he put the devil here? If he wanted me in heaven why did he put me on the earth?

In real World? – Where does faith fit in the real world? Should I accept what my circumstances are? Is God’s will everything that happens?

Faith Simplified – Why? How? What? Where and How do I begin? of faith.

Blocking God – Jesus couldn’t do many miracles, the disciples couldn’t cast out a demon and James says if you doubt you will block Gods gift, learn how not to block God.

Faith is the difference – The difference between a promise and having it realised is faith, between having it provided for and it experience is faith,  positional and lived out is faith. What use is a promise if it just remains a promise.

Plus many more coming soon…

Faith Stories

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