Brief: There need to be an intense release


  • Have a gun but don’t pull the trigger

  • Have a light but don’t flick the light switch

  • Aeroplane must change laws

 Faith is in the receiving, faith is found before Gods throne or beholding his work


For an aeroplane to take off it needs to change laws, if it doesn’t break into the other law it will crash at the end of the runway… the same applies here, if we don’t breakthrough nothing will happen.

The secret is being wholehearted!

I believe the secret is found in the heart.. the heart is where the Spirit flows out of, the bible is very clear about being whole hearted, seeking with your whole heart, praying with your whole heart, believing with your whole heart and fighting with your whole heart.

When you are wholehearted you are aligned with your spirit, its who you really are and what you really believe. Your head is your calculator, your heart is your true beliefs centre, God deals with, communes with and see the heart.

The door to communicate your spirit to world is open when you’re whole hearted, even the world calls it being spirited! The bible says guard your heart for out of it flows the issue of life, I believe that’s good or bad issue, anger, sin, love, God etc… Jesus said should good and bad water flow out of the same spring?   The bible says purge your heart you doubled minded, James said a double minded person will receive nothing from the Lord.

Sometimes you just need a violence in your heart to come out and punch it through, don’t use hope which is like coming to a gun fight with a stick, use heart faith, if you know you haven’t got the faith, step back simplify it or ask God to give you more.

Pure in Heart

Sometimes the problem is in us.. the pure in heart will see God, if we can’t see him, in other words feel like we have a good connection to God and He hears our request, then we have something to repent of and its blocking us.


Story Pure in Heart

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