Making It Solid

Now faith is the substance…  (Heb 11:1)

There is something about faith that when you have it, it’s solid, complete, strong, final, a total conviction, a substance that is real.

But when you don’t have that solidness, that very real substance in your heart, all you have is hope, presumption, belief, doubt.

Unless its 100% “I know that I know”, then it is 99% and less.. the difference between the two is made up of… a polluting substance, like hope, like fear, like presumption, unbelief.

You must change laws from the mist to the substance, like a plane taking off has to change laws from gravity to aerodynamics, if we don’t we crash and burn.

Once you reach faith you can do battle with it, until then the only battle you should do is the battle to convince yourself.  Many times this is the whole battle and once its won it happens… so don’t try and convince God, convince yourself!

But whatever you do don’t go to battle without faith, it’s like a gun without bullets, it’s like a vacuum cleaner without electricity.

When you have faith you have the roar of a lion within your heart, when you don’t have the substance of faith you have a mists of hope. One will move heaven the other will do nothing but create further unbelief because it won’t work. The kingdom of heaven is not in words (of hope) it’s in power (by faith).

So how do we turn our mist of hope that’s in our heart into a solid substance of faith?

James says you must purge your heart you double minded for you shall receive nothing from the Lord. How do you purge it? Remove the conflicting heart beliefs!

We must go back to where faith comes from, God and His word, we must see what God says so we know He is able and willing. We must work the word into our hearts, activate it with faith until it becomes a heart belief (a substance).

Then we go to war, then we fight, then we win, then we conquer, then we have the weapon of our warfare.

  • Authority works by faith,

  • Prayer works by faith,

  • Deliverance works by faith,

  • Healing works by faith,

  • Receiving the promises works by faith.

  • By faith you win the battles

But if we don’t have the substance we lose every battle we come up against.

See what you are believing for… is there a solid confidence that “you know that you know” that you have it? If not you haven’t got it, go back to the word or ask God for a word so that you can make it solid.

Then warfare until you have the assurance it is done, when you get the joy it is done, its done! Many times it’s at the exact moment of faith, other times it’s when you have done warfare with your faith.

Become and expert at making your “mist of hope” a “lump of solid faith substance” and you will see its results. Learn how discern the state of the substance in your heart. Is it hope or do I know that I know?

Without faith we can not please God, why? because we do not know He is both willing and able! We doubt Him, offend Him, block His miracle, His desire, His answer, His reward.

Make it real, for if you doubt you will receive nothing from the Lord.

By faith they…

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