Law of Faith

This is still in sermon note form, still to be converted into a study.

Brief: There is a substance or law we can trigger by just believing 100%, it opens a rift in this world and draws in the hand of God.

 What we are looking for is a substance called faith,

  • Some can get it from a simple scripture,

  • In our culture we have to understand the ins and outs,

  • And we trained to disbelieve everything,

 We cross over to this law when we cross

  • From believe to know,

  • From hope to faith,

  • From 50% to 100% confidence




  • Praying without faith is like trying to use a vacuum cleaner without electricity

 Where do I get this faith?

  • Understanding Gods will

    • Understand privileges vs. Covenant rights

      • To be like Jesus,

        • Rose with him

        • As he is in heaven so are you

        • Righteous

        • Healed

        • Forgiven

        • Prospered

        • Justified

        • Sanctified

        • Glorified

        • Anointed

    • All spiritual blessings

    • All things adding to life and Godliness

    • Will not hold back 1 good thing

    • All things are yours

    • Joint heir with Christ

  • Its all found by studying the cross

    • Serpent in the wilderness

    • What did Jesus pay for (Activate 4)

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