Finished Work

Lets say you are struggling with a sickness?

  • Or maybe your struggling with demonic problems… giants in your land!

  • Or maybe you are struggling with sin…

  • Or lack resources

  • In fact anything you can think of that contradicts a promise of God

There is a few things you can do!

  • You can accept it

  • You can give-in and say its too big for me

  • You can deal with it naturally

  • You can fight the good fight of faith…

Of course the answer is fight the good fight of faith.

You can say I don’t have to have it… get off me, away from my life I am healed, free, rich, etc…

Or you can ignore the current circumstances and go for the killer blow…

The enemy is in the boxing ring with his gloves on going “come on, come on” most of us get in there and start boxing.

You need to ignore the boxing ring all together and walk on by, because the battle has been won already.

What do I do then? you go to the cross… this is the victory, the centre of the universe, the Point A for your faith, (stop fighting at Point B, always go to Point A),

The finished work of the cross...

All three areas of the victory are equally important…

The Death = the payment, the price, the cost, your sacrifice, your scapegoat.

The Burial = the completion, the finalising, completely done away with, the putting away, the burying for all time.

The Resurrection = the brand new creation, the seal of approval, destroying death, rising far above, the completion of all things, the glorifying.

We died with him, we were buried with him, we rose with him (scripture), like Him, in Him, equal to Him.

Now! not in a time to come, you can live it then or now the choice is yours, just like sickness or any other promise of God, it was never meant to remain a promise or pie in the sky it was meant to be steak on the plate while you wait!

We all live in this Christian norm, we think we have some superstars of faith, I’m fully convinced that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what that payment, that victory, means to us in Christ.

We all think we have to sow and reap this and that, that we deserve in God this or that, that we have to get in the boxing ring and fight but we all right now can be (and ‘are’ though hidden through lack of knowledge) the manifest sons of God on the earth ruling and reigning through that victory.

We can reap where we have never sowed.. its called faith, we reap where The Lord Jesus Christ sowed, e.g. we sowed sin and reaped righteousness, even though in a way we are sowing, we are sowing faith in the payment, the burial, the resurrection. Jesus also reaped where he never sowed he sowed life, love and righteousness and reaped sin, judgement and death.

The bible says don’t be deceived God is not mocked, what a person sows that they will reap, so sow faith in the finished work of Jesus and reap where you have not sowed. (Gal 6:7) Reap what you do not deserve, reap God’s fullest blessing, the reward due to Jesus. Oh the grace of God!

We can be so much more than we have ever dreamed, Smith Wigglesworth when he prayed in prayer meetings no-one could stay in the same room as him, because the manifest Glory of God came so strong (actually he just went to the holiest of Holy’s place) that they all crawled out of the room lest they died..

God never shares his Glory with Adam only Christ, while your soul is not knowing, believing or taking hold of the finished work you are in Adam. While death is holding you down you are in Adam.

When you know the truth you step into the truth. When you know the truth you can enter the Holiest of Holy places, but while you’re an Adam mentality you will be kept out by the veil of the flesh. Postionally its yours but you can’t enter in your reality. Faith in the finished work makes the promises a reality!

The same is applied to everything in life, e.g. ministering the Holy Spirit without measure.. to the degree of measure you have become (in your soul) renewed in Christ, is the degree you will take hold of the promises in that area.

Note: Adam can’t move in these things only Christ, they are not shared with Adam only the new creation.

I believe there are three levels in life

  1. Reap where you sow,

  2. Reap where you sow mixed with faith (e.g. tything)

  3. Reap where you have not sown with perfect faith in the finished work… strive to enter his rest and cease from your own work!

The first two the church has knowledge of.. the third is yet to become known to the body of Christ, maybe you can take it to them?

So the question remains where is your faith?

Was Jesus deluded? Is it really finished? or do you need to finish it more with your works and efforts?

  • An interesting side note…. Paul said that, I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the church (Col 1:24)

  • maybe he was carrying in his body the sin of Moses (striking the rock (Christ) twice). (Num 20:11)

  • Christ was only to be smitten once, did Moses disrupt the the ‘prophetic’ type of Christ and that is one of the reasons God was very angry with him and Paul had to say that?

We need to start reaping where we have not sown, reaping where Jesus has sown… most all of the alternatives to this are our own efforts which really is an anti-Christ alternative,  because they are substitutes for his work, (anti-Christ= in the place of Christ).

  • Wouldn’t that be a twist in the story you get to heaven and find that most of your works and beliefs (because of unbelief) were an anti-Christ spirit?

Immerse your understanding in the death, the burial and the resurrection… sickness can’t cling to you, its buried, demons can’t touch you (unless you need to repent to break fresh association with them) poverty can’t come near you.

  • You are like Him when He rose, and a joint heir right at that moment, right at that moment you are seated with Him on His throne ruling over the nations.

  • The question is does what your struggling with apply to Jesus when he rose? e.g. sickness, because if it doesn’t apply to him, it doesn’t apply to you either. Its paid for buried and overcome.

  • You rose with him… what was he like when he rose? so are you now! Fight with point A until you know the truth and it will set you free.

This is the parallel picture to the children of Israel being offered the promised land, only 2 people out of 3 million people believed God and entered in, the rest died in the wilderness (of unbelief).

  • Works = Sowing and Reaping

  • Faith = Reaping where you haven’t sown

Stop boxing around at Point B go straight to Point A. What’s Jesus like in this area? Well so are you!

 Story: Painful Ear…an example of faith in action.

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