Faith Series

This faith thing is a mystery to a lot of people, they don’t know why or how it all happens, or where it fits into the real world.

We go through life accepting things the way they are, because they are they way they are! Most of the time when we try to change them we try with natural things, e.g. need more money so we work harder…

We are good at living in our known world but when it comes to stepping beyond the natural we get all confused. Hopefully these studies will help simplify how faith fits in this world.

This has been broken up into two sections:

Regular Faith This covers the basics in faith, with touching on some advanced aspects, a must before you will understand the advanced section

In this series we look at:

  • Why we even need to have faith?

  • God’s will comes to earth when we have faith?

  • What is faith?

  • How does faith work?

  • How do we get faith?

  • How do we use faith?

Advanced Faith This section is a little more out there, it teaches a lot about aspects and things that are not for the faint hearted or those weak in faith.

In that section we will look at:

  • The Law of faith

  • Where to fight?

  • How to punch it through?

  • How to do it?

  • Finished or not?

And many other things, I pray your faith is challenged and honed…

At the moment, some of these studies are just sermon notes yet to be converted to studies.


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