Scenario 2

I will make this questionnaire dynamic (web interactive) soon, at the moment its only in printer format

This 2nd scenario is designed to find out what’s really in your heart and what you want to accomplish with your life, its aim is to divide your greatest desires from the lesser ones.

If you have ever seen someone die? Someone that hasn’t had an illness, but died maybe by an accident or a heart attack?  One of the most painful things you see is their shock, the shock that they are dying, that, “This is it, its all over”.  It’s all most like they are saying,  ” I don’t want to die now, I wasn’t expecting this, I’m not ready, and I was expecting to live longer”.

As Christians some of us will say, “I wish I hadn’t of mucked around so much, most of the things I spent my life on don’t count now, I’ve wasted it, my efforts seem so profitless now, they were all so temporal, so mundane. I spent my days chasing a career, working all day in a job, using my spare time on things just as unimportant, I used my life’s time, energy, skills and resources on things that are just passing away,

I could have spent them on eternal things.

Will we say, “I got so caught up in my own little life, my societies opinion and acceptance, I wish I was more bold.  But I allowed my self to get caught in a rut.  I was always meaning some day to seek God intensely so I could rise up and live absolutely full on for him and reach those ones he hopes in me to reach, but those days turned in to weeks, those weeks to months and then the years just started ticking by, its all because I was so busy?

… Put your imagination in to gear, here goes!! ...

As you are sitting here a gas line blows up underneath this building fatally wounding you, the emergency services come racing to the scene, but as they check you, they know its too late, your too far gone.

After the initial shock and cry’s for help, you calm down, your not really in pain, you know this is it, but there’s  a peace about it all, God’s there.  As doctors leave you, moving on to find someone they can help, you lying there seeing your life pass before your eyes.  You certainly didn’t think that this was going to be your last day when you got up this morning; you always thought it would be along way off.

After a little while, you look around thinking, this is it, this is the end, I’m not going to be able to do any more, my times up, Though you can feel God, an there is an excitement about going on, Disappointments rise up as you think to yourself, I was just starting out in life, I was just beginning to go for it,

There is so much I wish I had done.

(As your lying there with just minutes of your life left, answer these questions…)


8. Write down any of the disappointment you have, about dying now? (Apart from wanting to say goodbye to people) I’m disappointed because ….

9.  As your lying there, what now do you wish you did with your life? I wish I

10. What stopped you from doing what you dreamed, with your life? I wish I

11. What are you glad you did do with your life?   I wish I …

12. What do you wish you didn’t do?  I wish I didn’t …

13. What would you do different if you got a second chance at life?  I’d…

14. With only minutes left, two of your closes Christian friends come over to comfort you, its a very solemn moment, you decide with your dying words that you are going  to give them your life best advice, and challenge them what to do with there life, and encourage them what not to do?

I challenge you to…..

I encourage you not to….

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