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Don’t allow yourself to be choked?

Jesus said, “A sower went out to sow some seed, some landed on unprepared ground (hard hearts) and the enemy snatched away the seed, some seed landed on shallow earth (a shallow decision for Jesus) and when temptation came they only endured for a while.

And some fell among thorns (hearts that love the pleasures of this life more than Jesus) and their life gets choked. But other seed fell on good ground (a good and understanding heart) and they kept on faithfully producing fruit”.  (Luke 8:5-15) Paul said,

” Therefore since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw aside anything that slows us down, as well as that sin that hinders us from going forward, and lets us run forward with active persistence the appointed course that God has set before us”.  (Hebrews 12:1)

Most of us want to run, but sometimes we forget where we are going. Some of us get tired and sit down for a rest, but forget to get up again.

Others get confused and get side tracked, and many are weighed down because they’re trying to hang on to too much of the world.

Where are you running, resting, confused, or just forgotten where you’re going?

Face it! The fact is God sees you right now, he knows who you are, and he knows everything about you.

He knows you thoughts, he’s aquatinted with all your ways.  The fact is God knows where you’re at.  He sees your life and he hopes in you. He hopes in you to walk close to him and to reach out to those he intended for you to reach.

Your life is so important to God. You are one of God’s last hopes, for many of the people around you. Gods’ enemy knows this and wants to blind you, bind you up and make you ineffective.

Now even though the study we are about to do, is only imaginative, there is a day coming, that you will be seeing, thinking or experiencing, many of these things in reality.  In this study we’re going to look at our lives from a couple of different angles, hopefully we can gain some wisdom and use what we discover to be effective.


The first angle we are going to look from is, somewhere away in the future, we all know that one day we are all going to be in eternity,…………….. And when we look back at the life had we are going to think some things about it.

We will probably wish we done this or that, we’ll wish we never done some of the things we did do. Whatever those thoughts will be, the fact is, we are still going to think them.  So lets find out today what we are going to think and look at changing some of the things that we’re going to regret, and increase in the things that we’ll rejoice about.


“Get your imagination’s ready!!”

Use extra effort to slot yourself into this scenario and speak out some of the idea’s that come to mind…

Go to Scenario 1 then Scenario 2 and put you answers in the Conclusions page


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