Desire vs. Action

This is still in sermon form… yet to be converted to a study!

Passion for action

Doing, Sowing, Building, Growing

 We need to know it

  • Unless it is us we don’t know it
  • Unless we don’t know it we don’t live it
  • Unless we don’t live it, it wont happen
  • We will then not change
  • We will not see results


  • We are in culture of knowledge
  • We are ever learning and never
  • We are fast food generation
  • We are instant coffee
  • We want it now
  • So we have heard it, is that enough

We think coz we learn it’s done,

  • Then we get challenged
  • Like Mike said foundations don’t get built by thinking
  • Faith with out works is dead
  • By reason of use we learn to discern
  • You don’t reap what you think, reap what you sow
  • Road to hell is paved with good intensions

Way of the wise winds upwards

  • Bible says
  • We need to put into practice

Sowing in

  • E.g.…Building the anointing
    • Immediately
  • E.g.… Becoming a person of the spirit,
    • Not just head knowledge,
    • But big spirit,
    • Switched on
    • Connected, zoned in,
    • Yongi cho must get up at 4am
  • E.g.…Partnership with Holy Spirit
    • Sons of God are lead by the spirit of God
    • Only do what I See what my Father does
    • Blind wandering around in the dark
    • Co-labourer
    • One Spirit
    • Without him you can do nothing
      • His ministry in you
      • Hope
      • Power
      • Authority
      • Life in you
      • Desire


  • Of inaction
    • Luke Warm
    • Safe
    • Secure
    • But is that what your alive4?
    • Are you wasting time
    • Actively pursuing spiritual
    • Our culture is a culture of security
    • Even our church culture is of successful living
    • Over seas everything evolves around the gospel
  • Of action

·        A changing

·        A striving to enter rest

·        A sowing

·        A growing

·        Action, pain, struggles.

·        Children of Israel, fight

·        Might loose battles

·        Might get attacked

·        Might start a war

·        If safe, do start a war and I’m left alone

·        They have your number, you covered

·        People die and go to hell

·        But were ok jack, let someone else reach them

What to do

·        Start building

·        Make a plan

·        Start building

·        Sow into it

·        Feed it and it will grow


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