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Don’t be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfect will of God(Rom 12:2)

It’s transformation not Information that we all need.

We want to activate you, your faith and your action… the world needs us all to bring Jesus and his real answers for real needs.

So get yourself ready to:

  • To Stretch your Faith,

  • To Grow your Faith,

  • Train your faith

  • To multiply your faith in God

  • See Gods provision supplied through your life

  • To activate your God given rights

  • Don’t just read it, understand it, reading will profit little.

Aim for:

  • We are all called to be like Jesus

  • Do the works of Jesus,

  • Even greater works will we do

  • See Gods promises active in your life.

The Bible says we all see through a glass dimly, but because we do, so much of what happens doesn’t have to happen. It says my people perish through lack of knowledge.

Our Paradigm or worldview sets the perspective for all we see, it gives us our attitudes and options, our attitudes then produce our actions, and actions create our life. Unfortunately we learn our paradigm from each other; we are imitators of each other, if we learn from those that have it wrong, we also it get wrong.

The disciples failed in healing the little boy, Jesus healed him and then rebuked the disciples for their perverse thinking and unbelieving hearts, we too can have our thinking wrong and we too can block the miracle of God, but then we go on to teach others our God blocking ways and perspectives.

Over the years I have seen many miracles and a seen other times where I prayed and nothing happened, these studies are mainly focusing on breaking down a miracle and seeing the ingredients in it, why, how etc…

At the moment were just loading up sermons and converting them to studies, we aim to develop this website to be a resource centre for your faith.

Hope you enjoy looking around

Kind regards


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