I was in Sydney at Peters house, disciplining  Peter who had just come to the Lord a day or two before.

We were talking all about Jesus and I was sharing many stories… when all of a sudden the lounge door flung open, his drunk flatmates had come home from the pub. Straight away they start abusing me for my faith in Jesus, they were  ranting and raving about the normal dribble that drunk people come up with… He said how do you know your God is real?

I said “if you have 10 trees out the back all saying, “we are apple trees” and you had to pick which one is really an apple tree, however all them are bare except one that is covered with apples, which one will you choose?” I said my God will heal your body, your mind and your heart and your spirit, and give you a reason for your existence.

With that he went to bed… I said to Peter lets pray for him, lets ask God to get him! It was midnight when we started to pray however we didn’t know what we had started, we had started a war…

We were starting to stir something, as I prayed something came upon me, it felt like I taken out of my body and I was in the middle of emptiness, nothing for an eternity around me, I was terrified for my life I thought I was going to die, the Lord just calmed me.. “keep praying in tongues and you will be alright”…

It was very scary I had never experienced anything like it, it felt like the whole sky was pressing on my soul trying to enter me, I felt like a piece of sand that the whole ocean wanted to enter, I had a very clear awareness that if I just gave up and surrendered I would become a mindless drooling person in a mental institution. I can remember cars were screaming up and down our dead-end street, the clock was chiming for no reason… it was all weird!

So I just prayed in tongues, then after I got bolder and stronger something lifted, something changed, we had broken something, we had wrestled and won. I opened my eyes and found it was 4am.. wow it seemed like we had only prayed for 40 minutes and it had been 4 hours.

Peter went to bed and I went to sleep on his couch, in the morning his flatmate who we had been praying for came crawling in on his hands and knees in agony… something was wrong in his stomach.

I said “my God will heal you!” , “come and sit down on your bed and I will pray for you”. I laid my hand on his stomach and asked the Lord to heal him, the anointing came out of my hand like I have never experienced, like a thunderbolt! It hit him, he was instantly healed, I thought WOW!!!! on the inside but on the outside I remained cool and calm, he said “wow!! I felt that”, then I laid my hand on his head and asked the Lord to fill him with joy… he said “wow I feel like I’ve had 30 lines of speed and I’m still straight”

That night he came to church and gave his life to the Lord, the story continues in this story Like the Sun

Link back to your study… The Anointing

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