Sun Out of their Eyes

My Testimony

Part 1

It was June the 15th 1985, I was 20yrs old and living in Fremantle, Perth.

My flatmate and I had just smoked some dope, I had tried it for a few weeks and was enjoying it. Anyway my flatmate spewed up all over the floor, I said “I can’t handle this I’m going out”

It was about 1-2am, as I walked down the main street (Adelaide St) of Fremantle, I noticed the guy up in front of me tried to talk to two girls walking by, they fobbed him off and he walked towards me. I thought he was trying to pick them up.

He came up to me, he was a Christian, He handed me a tract and said something about Jesus and walked on… I spun around and said “Hey! where are you going, I want to hear about this”… He was as shocked as I was, normally if a Christian wanted to talk to me, I would say some lame excuse and walk off. But this burst out of my heart, my head was thinking “what on earth are you saying”.

Anyway he looked at me and said “can I pray for you?” I said “sure” He put his hand on my shoulder and started praying in strong tongues right there on the street, I had never heard such things in my life. This little voice in my heart said… “just let him do that” So it did.

Then he said “would you like to come back for a coffee?” I said ok!

So we walked down to the the street and went into a large cafe, as we walked in I notice the people at one particular table, away down the back of the room, they had beams of light shining out of their eyes, not like a torch light more like the sun! The light consumed me, it was love, I had always know that light, I felt like I had always know those people but I have never met them. (From that experience I know that I knew God before I was in this world, (He who he for knew he predestined, Rom 8:29-30),

Anyway the light (which was love) consumed me, all I wanted to do was run down to the back of the cafe, dive across the table and grab them all in my arms and say I loved them. The little voice in my heart said, “don’t do that they will think you’re crazy”, so I constrained myself.

The cafe was full of people, guess where the Christian guy led me? you got it straight to the little table down the back, it was his street team, there was an old lady, a guy with leather jacket, just a weird mix really.

Because of the beams of light coming out of their eyes… I could say he’s one, and that person is not one, if someone said I am one, I could say no your not! Of course I never said that to anyone but it was that real.

Those Christians had no knowledge of the light, they were just a normal group of Christians having coffee.

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Part 2

The Christian guy that first talked to me… Glen Bennett was his name, took me to another table, with another friend of his John Thornton.

The little voice in my heart said, you don’t have be afraid to hug these guys, so I said that to them, they both stood up and gave me a hug.. to this day I don’t know what that was all about? Weird!

Glen then said “Do you want to give your life to the Lord?” I didn’t understand what on earth he was talking about, so I said “No”.

He said do you want to come back to my house and meet some guys? I said ok! So we left, as I was walking down to the dark alleyway to the car park I could see a group of people hanging around under a light.

I thought looks like trouble, and these two wimpy Christians beside me wouldn’t be able to do anything. I was over in Perth starting up Tae kwon do and Hapkido clubs, so I could handle myself ok. To my surprise the people under the light where Christians (the same people I had just met in the cafe).

We all piled into a station wagon and I was right in the back with one other person squashed up against the rear window. When we entered their flat, a few other guys we all sitting around the TV watching Jimmy Swaggart, (A famous TV evangelist that fell a in the late 80’s?).

They sat me down and talked to me, then they said would you like to give your life to the Lord? I didn’t know what that meant, all I knew is I wanted to say sorry to God for kicking Him out the back door of my life, I had a picture of Him out in the dark cold night waiting for me to open the door to Him.

I didn’t know I was becoming a Christian or I would have never done it, I always believed that Jesus was Lord, He just wasn’t my Lord, not until I’m 99 yrs old. I want to live life to its full and all Christians are just mommies boys.

Glen said “say this prayer after me”, I said “No I will say my own prayer” I sat there with my eyes closed and a deep sense of sorrow for treating God the way I had.

I went to pray, but this little voice in my heart said don’t say that, God knows you don’t believe it! So I sat there a while longer, all of a sudden a prayer rose up in my heart, I knew I meant it, as I tried to say it my throat wouldn’t work, I was trying to talk but I couldn’t do it!

They both laid hands on me and prayed in tongues, it broke the thing off my throat. And my prayer came out… I said “Lord Jesus” the second I said that, I felt some thing leave me out the top of my head and something rush into me, I can’t remember what I prayed after that all I can remember is the experience I had.

I was instantly not stoned anymore, the thing that entered me went into my belly, it felt as if my blood was getting pumped around my body at a 1000 km per hour, and my belly had a tumbler of ice cubes going over and over, I was full of joy, I said “wow I’ve been searching for this my whole life and I didn’t even know I was looking”. then I said “everything else is worth nothing” in comparison to this.

I felt brand new, I felt completely clean and unashamed, they said “you have just been born again”, I never knew what that meant, and then they said “you have eternal life”, I didn’t care about that.. all I cared about was saying sorry to God.

I wasn’t giving my life to him or becoming a Christian, I was just saying sorry. But God showed me in a second that he is more exciting than everything else in life, so I said Lord, you tricked me but I want to follow you all the days of my life.

He is worth following!

No one can call Jesus Lord (with their whole heart) but by the Holy Spirit.

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