Stop Growing!

This testimony has happened to me many many times now, but the first time it gave me a fright…

I was praying for someone who got sore backs, after checking the length of their legs, we found one leg was a couple of inches (5-10cm?) shorter than the other, so we prayed… “Lord we ask you to fix this please” the leg started growing out, but instead of stopping it kept growing, it was now a couple of inches longer than the other…

I thought what have I done? What’s going on? Will it stop growing? As if I had triggered some crazy event in nature and this person will have the never ending leg!

Then as I watched the other leg grew out to meet it…

At that point I realised it really had nothing to do with me, it’s all God, it’s real and He knows what He is doing!

My job is to be the glove that He can put on and touch the world through, if He can’t put me on it won’t happen through me. I want to be His temple, His habitation.

We have to get it fixed firmly in our head its God who heals and He knows what He is doing.

Just believe Him, let Him do it, sit back and enjoy the show.


Back to your study….Healing

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