Shrinking Hand

While teaching on the gifts at a small group, the Lord showed me a vision of ‘an x-ray of this girls hand’, I asked her what was wrong with it, she said, I broke this finger when I was a little girl, now its smaller than the others, so I got everyone around to watch, she measured it an we confirmed it was smaller, we prayer and a second later it grew in front of everyone’s eyes.

Then her sister who was sitting behind us, said I have a small hand and a big hand, I said “awesome lets watch this grow out”, she said, “no I want the big hand to shrink” well I couldn’t get my head around this, where is it going to go? is bone going to drip out? (the only drip was me)

I said ok, lets pray, now the manifest presence of God came very strong (His presence was there to heal) she was shaking all over, but no miracle, heaps of anointing but no flow, I couldn’t believe for it, my heart of unbelief (which all issue flows out of) was blocked by a big question mark? I am fully convinced if you minister with a question mark in your spirit, it doesn’t matter what you mouth prays, it won’t happen through you, Jesus taught the disciples this in Matthew 17:17

A few days later I went to a wedding and the best man had a very short arm, I went up to him and asked him if he wanted his arm to grow out right then and there? He said eww no, so I walked away and sat down, but because I was activating my faith the power of God (anointing) was all over my hands, I told the person next to me what happened, and she said, I have a big thumb and a little thumb, I said cool lets pray for it and watch it grow out.

So she measured them up and we prayed, the thumb started to trombone, it grew longer, shorter, longer, short, longer shorter, I said to her, are you seeing that? she said I was wondering it you were seeing it… I said don’t worry God knows what he is doing. Then it went perfectly the same length.

When I went home that night I realised what God was showing me, grow or shrink its all the same to him, its easy for him, now I try not think what has to happen for the miracle, I simplify it as much as possible so I don’t block the miracle… only believe and you will see the glory of God. 

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