Sea of Anointing

I was a couple of months old in the Lord, my heart had so much love for everyone and an incredible urgency to see people saved…

I asked God how come when I stand and preach on the street and people don’t get saved, if Smith Wigglesworth did, people would fall down and repent, He had the light of the world in Him and so do I, what’s the difference?

That Sunday when I was at church I was worshipping the Lord with all my heart, loving  Him with everything I was, when suddenly I was watching a vision…

In this vision there was a ocean upside down in the sky, as I looked up at it a drip fell down and went right through my head and lodged itself in my belly. Then I saw in the vision that I went out to preach on the street (as I did most days) as I preached my words went out, at the same time the drip came up and out of my mouth, but it fell to the ground at my feet.

Then in the vision I got down off the thing I was standing on and went and got an ice cream, then I went and talked to a friend, as I was watching this the Lord spoke to me, He said “you are using me and I want to use you”.

A split second later (in the vision) I was in the middle of an enormous ocean getting taken wherever the current wanted to take me…and the scary thing was I could swim.

The vision ended, and at the same time it ended a person behind tapped me on the shoulder and said I just saw a vision for you… you were a goldfish in a goldfish bowl and the Lord came and picked you up and put you in the ocean.

Both of these are demonstrating the amount of anointing God is wanting to use us with.. However he can’t if we are not surrendering to him… DL Moody said this, “the world is still yet to see what God can do with a person who is fully surrendered to Him”

Surrender to His will for you not yours!

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