Question Mark?

I was managing a small company years ago when Vernon, one of the staff came in, and said I can’t work today I fell off the trailer and hurt my knees and I’ve got a sore back. I don’t know what Vernon is doing now but back then he was just a normal Kiwi bloke, he didn’t believe in all this God stuff but also wasn’t anti it.

I said will sit down here and I will pray for you.

I prayed for him, I felt the anointing (presence of God) straight away, I prayed for his knees and felt that the anointing only trickled in very slowly. I said “I know your knees are not totally healed but they are a little better, and you will find they will get better over next couple of days”. While praying for his knees I had a small question mark in my heart and I was blocking God from flowing through it.

Then I prayed for his sore back, I checked his legs and sure enough one was longer than the other… Now my faith level for anything like this is so much higher, I have always seen them grow out right there, right then.

Its like a straw the bigger the straw (faith) the more you draw (anointing)!

Well anyway when it came to his legs my “straw” was a lot bigger, I said, we will just pray for these and they will grow out… I looked up just to catch a glimpse of him rolling his eyes at the secretary (Claire), as if to say “yeah sure, dreamer”… I the said “thanks Lord” Instantly the anointing burst on him, and his leg grew instantly, he got the fright of his life, because he felt the power hit him! The shock on his face was worth a million dollars.

The point here is its faith that releases it and doubt that blocks it, the difference between instant or partial healing is the amount of faith and anointing.

Back to your study….Healing

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