Pure in Heart

 came before the Lord to ask him for the finances to go on a short term missionary trip to the Philippines.

I asked but I couldn’t even get any clarity of communication, I couldn’t see the Lord, I felt that I was not getting through with my prayers. It was like a fog, some call it heavens like brass… It normally means we need to repent, your sins have separated you from God.

While the other two prayed I raced away to the toilet to talk to the Lord and get my heart right.

When I returned a couple of minutes later I came before the Lord and asked again, this time I could see the Lord, or for you who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, this time I could sense communication with the Lord very clearly.

I asked the Lord for the money, as I did he gave me a vision of him giving a piece of paper to an angel and telling him to sort it out, Immediately I knew that I had the money.

Well as the weeks went by the deadline for the money grew closer, but I still didn’t have a clue where it was going to come from, Kevin the mission coordinator said I need the money on Thursday, until then not a cent had come in.

Well Thursday came and no money turned up, so I went up to Kevin privately and said “when is the deadline”, He said “Wednesday next week that’s the dead line, final finished, that’s it!”

Well Wednesday came and still no money, I said to him, “when is the very very last minute?” He said “I am paying for the tickets tomorrow at 12pm if you don’t meet me here before then, I’m sorry you can’t come”.

I said “don’t worry the money will be here tomorrow!” I just knew it, I wasn’t hoping I just knew it, well at 6 o’clock that night still no money, I was out the back yard of our house, talking to God saying “Why do you always do things at the very last minute?” (because He is the Author and Finisher of our faith) He wants to build faith in us to trust him.

At 7:30pm my neighbour poked his head over the fence and said, “see those 2 old Mercedes cars you have there, do you want to sell them and how much for?” I said “I will sell them as long as you give me the money by 11:30 tomorrow morning”.

I got the money to the mission coordinator with only a couple of minutes to spare… God’s timetable is different than our timetable, He knows the very last minute… He will never let you down.

Another story…¬†Let you down?

The silly thing was being a young Christian I had a bad attitude towards God, in that; I was annoyed more than grateful because He took so long.

The whole point of the story is… if we know he hears us, we have that which we have asked (1 John 5:15) and the pure in heart will see God (Matt 5:8).

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